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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Quicks, Jun 10, 2011.

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    Looking to buy a 600w psu but not sure which ones are good and have a decent price.

    Was looking at the 600W Huntkey jumper series, seeing that the review of the 550w was very good and could draw over 700w with it and not explode.

    What other PSU's are there thats good. (550W - 650W)

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    Coolermaster make some good PSUs, as do BeQuiet (same brand as mine). There are many brands out there, just be sure to spend a decent amount on one rather than getting a piece of crap. Corsair also make PSUs which I thought were good until it started making a wierd whining noise.
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    Corsair are good generally but be sure too get a well reviewed PSU anyway.
    Some good review sites: HardOCP, Jonnyguru

    Its important to see the reviews that push the PSU as hard as you might and a bit harder too.
    They also verify that the specs are realistic and the design, components and build quality are up to par.

    Take note of the rating.
    Bronze is 80% efficient in its main operating range
    Silver 85%
    Gold 90%
    These specs are verified as well.

    My Corsair AX Pro 750W (Gold) dropped 40W off my idle power (from 181W to 141W) changing from a Hiper 630W 85% efficient PSU !!

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