5800x with Liquid metal instead of thermal paste

Discussion in 'Processors and motherboards AMD' started by Lowki, Dec 4, 2022.

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    Hey Guys I recently upgraded from a 3600 to a 5800x I got it off the used market for $200 bucks before the price drops. After the upgrade I realized my Deepcool Gammaxx rgb cpu cooler was not going to cut it. I thought about trying liquid metal instead of thermal paste but the base metal was aluminum. So I decided to upgrade my cooler to the Deepcool ak620. I also went ahead and purchased some thermal grizzly liquid metal. After the installation my temps dropped from like 85c to 74c consistently. then slowly my thermals started creeping up again until they were reaching the 80s again. I decided to pull off the cooler and check the liquid metal application. Seemed a little dried up on the ihs side but the cooler side was still wet. I cleaned it off a bit and did another application last night. Once again my temps were down to 74c running a looping cine bench r22. Then today there up to 78c. This is my problem. I'm wondering of it has to do with precision boost overdrive?? Does not seem like im getting a higher core frequency. I do also have my cpu undervolted. I'm wondering if I should just go with some good thermal paste? Does anyone have any experience with a similar situation??
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    Why not try without anything between the heatsink and cpu ? It won't hurt and may has better result. Btw, the nvme ssd heatsink and chips also does not have anything in between, am i right ?
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    @Lowki do not follow teots' advice

    Seems the gallium is pumping out with that cooler. You would need to increase mount pressure using a gasket on the screw mounts, or use a different TIM that handles gaps better, and doesn't pump out.
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    liquid metal will pump out regardless of application and pressure unfortunately, its the least viscous interface material around.

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