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50 On The Fly Reshade For Any Game

Discussion in 'Game Tweaks and Modifications' started by gerardfraser, Nov 25, 2018.

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    Was testing on Star Citizen and changed some of the fog settings so it would not mess up that mess.Also I just gave the settings whatever name that poped up,so there is no cinematic or perfect reshade names.There is 50 reehades you might like one.

    50 On The Fly Reshade For Any Game
    All credit goes to

    Guide for newcomers

    INSTALLATION (Example game folder StarCitizen\LIVE\Bin64)
    Extract/copy Downloaded files to Installation folder (StarCitizen\LIVE\Bin64)
    Run/click on the program. (ReShade_Setup_4.0.2.exe in (StarCitizen\LIVE\Bin64)
    Follow Prompts
    Click Select Game
    Navigate to and choose your game's .exe file which should be located at(StarCitizen\LIVE\Bin64)
    Select Direct3D 10+
    Click Yes and wait
    In the next step, choose/download all effects

    Start the game. A Reshade Message Box should be visible on startup.
    When Ingame, press HOME BUTTON. to open the Reshade Interface.
    Click Continue
    At the Home tab, you will see a dropdown menu, you will be able to chosse 1 thru 50 presets
    Each prest can be loaded on the fly.
    If you want to toggle preset on/off click on settings button and added your own toggle key
    This is it, you can close reshade with HOME BUTTON

    Go to the game directory – (StarCitizen\LIVE\Bin64)
    Remove the following:
    Reshade-shaders (directory)
    ini files- 1-50
    All dxgi/reshade-ini files an logs

    Warning -Yes of course some reshade settings have an effect on FPS.Also some do not and you can change any setting to whatever your desire.

    Some screens first one is default
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