4K Upscaling With Blu-Rays & DVDs

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    Hello there.

    I have a 4K TV. I am thinking about purchasing a Blu-Ray player that offers 4K upscaling. I have some questions, so I'm hoping someone can help! My questions are as follows:

    1) Does 4K upscaling work?
    2) Does 4K upscaling work on DVDs? I know they won't be upscaled to 4K standard, but I have hundreds of DVDs, and they look rubbish on my 4K TV, so I'm about to sell them or throw them out. However, if an upscaler will ensure they are at least Blu-Ray quality (is this possible?), I will keep them.

    Appreciate any advice or answers.
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    1) yes
    2) yes and no. It will not look as good as having a 480i/p player & television, once you 'upscale' the image, as enhancing an image is impossible if the data is not there.

    A nice 1999 Sony Triniton CRT television + DVD player will look godlike, but a 2019 UHD4k television filling in the blanks, will not look anywhere near as good. Not even close.
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    The thing about 4k tv i have found is no matter what i put on it, 480p, 1080p,4k, everything does seem to look better as it seems to be somewhat deeper and richer colour wise on a 4k screen, love it, i recently watch the directors cut of ST The motion picture on DVD and i have to say, it look fantastic, and i have the 1080p version, but the DC on DVD has the remastered added scenes that were missing from the original movie and it did look great, the colours just seem to pop on a 4k tv for some reason.
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