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    Good morning all ,

    i have a 4090 rtx with a 1440p monitor . since i am new to NVIDIA , my question is , should i enable DLSS in my games when i play at 1440p , or i should just keep it disabled since my GPU can handle native resolution at maximum framerate .
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    With the 4090 being a bit "overkill" at such a "low" resolution, you likely won't be needing DLSS much.

    Normally, you'll only want to use DLSS if you need a higher framerate. Thus if your framerate is high enough, you'll usually want to leave it off as image quality will still suffer in most cases for the game is rendered at a lower resolution and then upscaled when DLSS is on, as DLSS isn't perfect.
    Same goes for frame generation.

    In some (very rare) cases where the game doesn't have other methods of anti-aliasing (or only has types that don't look good), however, DLSS could improve the look of things. That may be subjective and you'll have to turn it on and off to see what you like better.

    That said, using DLAA may be more practical for you if the game supports it, as it's DLSS-based anti-aliasing but without using a lower than native render resolution. That said, you'll still want to compare DLAA to TAA or other anti-aliasing algorithms in each game to see which one you like better.
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    What you can do it to use DLDSR to render your game in a higher resolution (1920p or 2160p ultra wide) then apply DLSS. It will improve the image quality a lot (besides potential DLSS drawbacks like ghosting etc.), especially since I guess you are gaming rather close to your monitor (as opposed to gaming using a TV).
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    so also a 4090 user here...

    I tend to run things in 8k, Doom Eternal runs at a solid 104 to 115fps average maxed out with DLSS OFF...

    When I need more performance I turn back to my LG C2 Oled at 4k...

    https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/645568595719487539/1069735769318621254/wow.jpg <--- Pic of Doom Eternal running in Native 8k..

    for you I would totally recommend using DSR to increase the rez of your Monitor via nvidia control panel. then if more performance is needed in game you can adjust what rez you are wanting to run at in game.

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    Just use DLDSR with DLSS to gain some performance if needed.

    Well optimized games like Doom Eternal runs very well at higher res than 4K without DLSS, i run it at 6K with RT and get around 90-110 fps.

    Dead space i run at 6K with DLSS on quality and getting 60-80fps depends on the scene.

    So the card is very powerful and you'll be limited by your CPU at 1440P, so no need for DLSS.

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