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40.72 drivers or any other problems Read this first.

Discussion in 'Links' started by Martys Web, Nov 21, 2002.

  1. Martys Web

    Martys Web Don Santino Corleone

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    XFX 7600gt
    Ok since we are being flooded with the 40.72 driver questions and some others, here is the scoop.

    #1.They are buggy in D3D mode so that means some games are not going to look right.
    #2.They can cause a strange flashing when surfing the Internet in your browser.
    #3.If you have 3D glasses you can forget about using them because they do not support them and you will lose the control tab.Update: New 3D glasses drivers are out and should work with the new drivers.
    #4. Others have reported bugs I did not list.

    Now there is no law that says when a new driver comes out you have to use it. Out of all the Nvidia drivers only a very few we're any good, the rest had bugs.

    Right now the 30.82 and 44.03 drivers are 100% bug free and all games you play on them are 100% stable and fast. I have found the 44.03's to be the better of the two.

    Now do you want a good gaming system that is stable and fast OR do you just like to bench mark???

    If all you care about is getting 1 extra point in 3D Mark 2001 and dont use your computer for anything else then use what ever driver you find to be the fastest.

    It's a wast of time to ask why some D3D games look like crap running the 40.72 drivers. It cant be fixed.

    When you try a driver and it does not work then dump it and go back to the 30.82 drivers or the 44.03's.

    Next thing 3rd party programs that tweek your video card. So far as of right now only RivaTuner seems to be worth using BUT it is NOT magic and can make your system unstable or preform worse if you do not know how to use it.

    A lot of you seem to be confused about what your goal should be when setting up your system.

    #1. Make it stable.
    #2. Have it setup to render good looking graphics.
    #3. Make it fast.

    It has to be done in that order and some times you will have to give up on fast to get the stable system that is bug free.

    Benchmarks are a tool to test, not a contest don't let your self get sucked into that trap. it will get you no where.

    So what if Joe Blow has the same computer and gets 1000000000 points in 3D Mark 2001. Chances are he can not play games tweeked that high. Hell I can get 2300000 marks if I want but my system will run like crap.

    Here is how to start.

    #1. Set your system bios to the safe defaults.

    #2. Load the drivers that are for your motherboard. You will find them on the web site of the place that makes your board. If not you bought a really cheep mother board and you get what you pay for.

    #3. Install the 30.82 or 44.03's drivers for any Nvidia card don't ask what is the best driver for your system. The 30.82 or 44.03's drivers are the best for all systems.

    #4. Over clocking and tweeking should only be done AFTER your system is stable.

    #5. Do NOT use mis matched system memory DO NOT use the turbo setting for the system memory in the bios use normal.

    If you follow this advice your system will work 100% stable if not you have other trouble and need to look at programs that are running in the background as the possable cause.

    Spyware is a big problem and causes system crashes. Get a good spyware removal tool and scan your system.

    Remember if you do something and it doesn't work just undo it and go back to what does it's really that simple.

    "O" yea one more thing, the refresh rate bug is a Win XP problem its not the drivers fault.

    Updated as of 8/16/2003
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  2. kevin

    kevin Master Guru

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    MSI 980TI gaming 6G
    Thanks for this i went back to the 30.82`s yesterday ,cause i am really fed up with all the 40.xx series ,so thanks for it at least i know it was not me that was doing things wrong.
  3. DEVIL29

    DEVIL29 Master Guru

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    XFX Nvidia GTX 280
    marty has spoken.listen up-it's the sh!t. :D
  4. McWolf

    McWolf Guest

    Martys IS 100% CORRECT. 30.82 FOR WIN2000 STILL ARE THE BEST.

  5. BladeRunner

    BladeRunner Ancient Guru

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    Asus 1080Ti STRIX
    Indeed ,30.82 are the best,even better for Geforce 2s and 3s,40.xx detonators and over are best left for GFX and GF4Ti
  6. Plamen

    Plamen Guest



    I have downloaded 40.72 drivers and when i restart my PC There was a dll Problem: NVQTWK.dll Error loading NvQtwk The specified module could not be found fix I found some decisions for that problem but nothink. Every time when i start my pc i have the same problem. I reinstall the drivers but nothink.

  7. Plamen

    Plamen Guest


    I have downloaded 40.72 drivers and when i restart my PC There was a dll Problem: NVQTWK.dll Error loading NvQtwk The specified module could not be found I found some decisions for that problem but nothink. Every time when i start my pc i have the same problem. I reinstall the drivers but nothink.

  8. 3Dimensional-Warrior

    3Dimensional-Warrior New Member

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    XFx 6800 GT

    OMG I installed the 40.72's and nothing but lock ups.....Mostly when droping out of a game back to the desktop.....Back to the 30.82's.......Problem solved:D :D :D :D :D
  9. OutlawSZ

    OutlawSZ Active Member

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    ATI 9600xt
    Im a bit confused. I thought the 40. series drivers actually fixed concerns that the 30 series showed. Perhaps Im just such a n00b too!

    I have WinXP.....do you still recommend 30.82 driver as the best gaming performance driver around?

  10. dr_ahriman

    dr_ahriman Guest

    Using older drivers?

    HI, I am not too sur ehow to go from using a 4.X driver back to a 3.X driver. I upgraded to the 4's, and now some games wont even detect the presence of the #D card, so I downlaoded and ran detonator destroyer to get rid of the new drivers, but it said that it couldnt find the detonator drivers, or even the nvidia 3d card. Anyone have any ideas?

  11. @cid

    @cid Master Guru

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    Asus-V8200 GF3 non-Ti
    30.82 makes games very, very choppy in XP. I'm using them in WinME though heheh.
  12. McWolf

    McWolf Guest


    I have tried 29.42-->40.72. Indeed, the 40.72WHOL is really the festest one for 3DMARK on my PC. it'e about 11000. but there are some problem on some games, sometimes it CTD or white screen. But 29.42,30.82 are very stable. Proformance is required, but stable is more importance.
  13. msny

    msny Guest

    Hi, first post here so be gentle....

    I have a Elsa GeForce 2 Ultra and after installing the 40.72 drivers I get a random intermittant black screen for 2 seconds or so then it's ok. There is no pattern to the behavior. (I see another thread on this in the forumn, but no solutions) Does not seem to be happening when playing games but when surfing and other activity.

    I reverted back to the 30.82's and all is find, so it has something to do with only the 40.72's.

    I should also add that I cannot run a full set of 3DMark benches with the 40.72.s, they crash back to the desktop before finishing.

    Anyone else with this problem ? And if so did you solve it ?
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 1, 2002
  14. Emanon75

    Emanon75 Guest

    Now, if only there was a way to make people actually read this before bitching about the 40.xx's being buggy..

    Just my own observations...

    The 29.42's and 30.82's are the only drivers that work flawlessly on every game I own.

    40.xx's cause texture issues in CFS3, and tend to crash FS2002 sometimes as well.

    41.xx's can cause problems in MOHAA, causing a box like outline around certain objects and characters.

    It should also be mentioned that just because 4x.xx drivers give a higher 3DMark score doesn't mean they're any faster where it really matters, In games!

    I've benched everything from 23.12 - 41.09 and the only performance increase I've seen from the 4x.xx's was 3DMark.
    Codecreatures was the same with 4x.xx as with the older drivers, so was Vulpine GL Mark, GL excess, RTCW bench, Dronez, etc...

    You get the point.
    Stick with what works, afterall, 3DMark is not a game:p
  15. neoKEN

    neoKEN Guest

    I have a GF2 GTS.

    Oddly, 40.72 is the most stable for me. No crash yet. With 30.82 WHQL , it crashes on some website (macromedia flash?) and when I play Warcraft 3. The whole thing just stops completely.

    I'll stick with the stable 40.72, but the flicker problem is annoying. Everytime it happens, it is although the screen is changing resolution and I can hear the same sound from the monitor.

    Just my 2c on defense of 40.72. It is the first stable Nvidia driver I had. LOL.

  16. dryhte

    dryhte Guest

    30.82 or 28.32?

    After some grieveous d3d problems with 40.?? drivers (luckily solved with a combination of dd and my old 28.32 driver) I'm not sure if i'll 'upgrade' to 30.82...

    I've got an gf2mx200 card, are the 30.82 drivers REALLY better than the 28.32 for me?

    I don't want to go through the whole uninstall process again if my computer screws up again...

    Ideas, anyone?

  17. ry71984

    ry71984 Guest

    I have a buddy who has a Geforce2 MX and for him it works be best compared to any others. I' say go for it and dl the 30.82. It's the most stable out there, period.
  18. neoKEN

    neoKEN Guest

    I would use 30.82 if I could , but like I said it crash a lot. 40.72 dispite the annoying flickering bug is the most stable version I have ever had.
  19. Fosky

    Fosky Guest


    Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

    Earlier today i downloaded the latest nVidia drivers and have nothing but hasle with system hang ups, CTD's, games stuttering and shutdown problems. I thought that maybe i'd have to tweek with the performance settings or maybe there was a known bug with the drivers and i came here to seek advice. Well i have found the only advice i need on the subject in the very first thread i read!

    I am currently downloading 30.82 (79% as i type - slow connection from nVidia!!).

    Hopefully these more stable drivers will work wonders for me.

    Thanks again!
  20. drOOnj

    drOOnj Guest

    ti4600, directx, sudden exits

    I installed a gainward ti4600. I installed the 30.82 drivers several times over, following different types of instructions to insure removal of old files. I have all the safe BIOS settings set. I am not o'cing. I upgraded my VIA 4in1 drivers (4.45). I have DirectX8.2 installed.

    I've tried like nine million things. My system went from being a complete mess (BSOD, Explorer crashes) to being stable except during DirectX execution. In UT2K3 and 3DMark, I just exit suddenly and randomly with no warning.

    I have not messed with my page file, my video settings are pretty basic (no oc'ing, 1024x768 32bit 75Hz refresh).

    anyway, it's XP PRO with 512mb ddr, p4 2400mhz 533FSB. I could really use some help, i'm pretty dog-gone frustrated.

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