3x Monitors (3240x1920) with 100mm VESA desk stands.

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    Nvidia GTX 690
    Hey guys just wondering if anyone has any experience with buying three monitors and installing desk mounted 100mm VESA stands so you can run the monitors in a tripple portrait set-up? More importantly experience with the stands I'm interested in.

    I haven't been able to find any thin bezel, 60FPS + monitors I like that pivot other than the BenQ XL2420T but they're too expensive, so have come up with the idea of taking the stands off three ASUS VE247H and replacing them with AOC HA22 stands which do pivot (or a tripple monitor stand) so I can run my 3240x1920 set-up.

    The ASUS VE247H monitor is 1080p, GTG 2ms, 75hz, 24inch with what seems like decent reviews and I can build this for less than half price of the BenQ XL2420T's.



    Total cost will be $654 compared to $1500. So really just looking for a thumbs up and any advice on what cables from the GPU to the monitors to use before going ahead as this will be my first experience with surround vision and/or my new GTX 690.

    Thanks, any help is appreciated.
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