3DMark03 Demo & 5900 GPU speed

Discussion in 'Benchmark Mayhem' started by Lucretia2XS, Feb 28, 2004.

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    Does anyone else have this happen? Using RivaTuner to monitor the gpu/memory clock speeds & gpu/ambient temps while running the 3DMark03 demo gives a consistent result. During demos 1 & 2 the gpu clock speed runs at the 3D rated speed; however when demo 3 (troll) starts up the clock speed goes to a speed halfway between 2D & 3D. It stays at the halfway speed again for demo 4 (nature). In-between each demo, the gpu clock speed does drop to the 2D speed.

    At first, I thought it may be due to high temps; but the temps never get above 80C during the demo. And I have seen the temps get above 80C during the 3DMark03 benchmark and during 3D games.

    This gpu speed problem for demos 3 & 4 is consistent and repeatable every time.

    BFG Tech Asylum 5900nu.
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    hmm you reckon that decreases the scores you get in 3d mark ?
  3. Lucretia2XS

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    I don't thing it effects the benchmark scores much, as during benchmarking the gpu clock stays at the full 3D speed during the entire benchmark series. Scores are in the 5300's for 3DMark03.

    It is only during the demo's that the gpu speed doesn't return to full 3D speed for the last two demo's.
  4. Lucretia2XS

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    I tried this same demo on a different computer; Athlon 700 & FX5600nu. With this setup, it ran all four demos at the correct 3D speed; however, in between the demos the 2D speed dropped below what it should be. When the demos were all finished and it went back to 2D mode, the correct 2D speed was set.

    Weird stuff with the 3DMark03 demos happening here! And of course, the 3DMark03 benchmark works just fine. So do all the 3D and 2D games for clock speeds. It's just those demos that don't.

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