3690X, 5820K, something else or nothing at all? Please, leave your 2 cents.

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Portuogral, Mar 30, 2016.

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    I have the chance to get an i7 3960X + ASUS Rampage Formula IV (w/ warranty) + 16GB Corsair Dominator for €500

    However, I also, have the chance to get an i7 5820k + ASUS V Extreme for the same €500 (both w/ warranty)

    I have a X58 system:

    At the moment, it has:

    Core i7 920 @4.2Ghz (watercooled)

    Gigabyte X58-Extreme (watercooled)

    10GB Corsair RAM @1600Mhz,

    GeForce GTX 780

    OCZ 120GB Vortex 4 SSD + 2TB HDD space total

    Corsair TX750W PSU

    QNIX 2710 EVO II 1440p

    This PC is moslty for entertainment (games, music and movies); also, I do some lightweight work (software engineering). Occasionally, I may render a video or two for YT.

    So, I am pretty happy with it. The thing is that I want to upgrade my GPU when the 16nm GPUs hit the shelves and I have a feeling, my cherished i7 920 will not be able to fully handle the new card. I will use one card only. I already had my share of multi-GPU systems.

    What do you guys and girls think? Considering what I have and what I do with it, are the deals I presented above worthy? If so, which is more worthy?

    If you think none of the deals is worthy, please, explain.

    Thank you in advance
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    You will need DDR4 RAM for 5820K, so might want to add that to your shopping list.

    Both are similar in performance. I'd go with 5820K (Haswell). Its 2 generations newer than 3960X (SandyBridge) and have modern features that you might find helpful (DDR4, Boot from PCI-Exp, etc...).
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    Hi there

    Really depends on more factors,but I would go with X99 and i7-5820k without the questions,will be great upgrade and if budget allows I would rather go with Xeon E5 v3 and sell i7-5820k

    Second option is upgrade yours i7-920 to Xeon X5675 or X5690 and OC this to 4.2-4.4GHz,I've run X5670 with Titan X and with this card I've never run to any issues with bottlenecking etc,plus I would put extra RAM,I'm pretty sure yoirs board will support 8GB RAM in every slot,if you have 6 slots then you will have 48GB

    Regarding rendering,X5670 what I've run has been very fast or faster than i7-920,extra 2 cores or extra 4threads has been very helpful in rendering

    But all depends,I would wait bit longer to upgrade,right now I'm running backup PC which running i7-4790k OC to 4.6GHz and really if its faster thanmy old Xeon not sure,doesn't feel like that and in rendering is slower and in some apps which does support AVX or Intel Embree then i7-4790k is bit faster

    Hope this helps and good luck there

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    I was in the same boat as you a month or so ago and was advised by several members of this forum to upgrade my i7 920 to a Xeon 6-core chip since my main focus is gaming. I ended up getting a Xeon X5675 (3.07GHz stock) for $125 shipped from EBay and was able to OC it to 4.5GHz stable. It has been a very nice upgrade and I currently have it paired with a GTX 970 with no signs of bottlenecking and playing The Division. Whenever the Pascal/Polaris GPUs release and actual performance numbers are available I plan to sell the GTX 970 and upgrade. The Xeon upgrade route would be a much cheaper solution but I couldn't blame you for building a totally new system instead, nothing wrong this that option either.

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    Go for X99. Will be better than 3960X in the long run, and RAM are cheap anyway. The R5E is a good board, lots of bios options, but it can be weird at times.

    I've chosen not to go the Xeon route a year ago, changed from X58 (950 under air) to X99 too.
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    If PC will be mostly used for gaming i'll recommend you go with Skylake and i7 6700k+Z170.

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