30fps method: half-refresh nvidia option + refresh rate / 2? Should I use new Scanline x/2 instead?

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    Is that the "best" method right now? half-refresh + frame-cap in RTSS of refresh rate / 2 then substract 0.01?

    Should i substract 0.01 after dividing the refresh rate by 2? (using refresh rate number from UFO site).

    the website tells me my refresh rate is 80.002, so i divided by 2 then substracted 0.01 and using that number inside RTSS frame cap option field.

    in nvidia control panel i have half-refresh selected.

    (yes... i know 80/2 is not 30fps). should i use new scanline sync x/2 instead of normal frame-cap?
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    4 Flux Capacitors in SLI
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