285.62 Driver - Can't boot into Windows

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    Hey everyone, hopefully you can help me out here.

    Yesterday, I got a new graphics card (MSI Twin Frozr II SOC 560 Ti) and I installed the 285.62 driver. Everything was running nice and smoothly, and I turned off my computer.

    Today after returning home from school, I tried to turn on the computer and it said that "Windows didn't start up correctly". After bypassing this menu thinking it was a red herring, I got the BSOD after the "Starting Windows" logo with just a cursor showing on a black background. The BSOD occured after 1 second.

    I have tried to do several things, such as startup repair and system restore, but both of these applications give me memory referencing errors, hence I cannot continue the operation. These error codes are random every time.

    I have tried to switch out my memory modules so just one is in at a time to see if I still get the error, and switching the graphics cards. I also have tried booting into safe mode, booting to the last known configuration, and (almost) every option that I deemed half sensible in the "F8 Menu". Still, no luck, and the computer ALWAYS BSODs at the same time - about 1 second after the cursor is showing on a black background. Because of this, I don't think it's a hardware error, and I'm leaning to think that the 285.62 driver is causing the BSOD.

    How on earth can I escape from this infinite loop?

    Thanks in advance,


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