24K Gold-plated version of the Playstation 5

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    Sorry on mobile so hard to split up your response with mine :)

    Yeah these generations feel quite close together even though they are actually the longest generations we ever had. The ps4 does kind of have some but it's a few ps2 games and ps3 games that got ported over.

    The original 1 or 2 models of the ps3 had ps1 support and ps2, then next model had ps1 and some ps2 support over software. Then the later ones when they went to slim ps3 only had ps1 support not ps2. So hit or miss depending on the model.

    I agree Nintendo wiiu even I picked one up, purely for the exlysives like Mario and zelda. They do have a timeless charm to them.

    I do wish they never did the vita that dirty. Its a beautiful system that just never got the love it deserved. I do wonder if they had waited till after the ps4 came out, and it hard more power then if it would have been loved more. Cause the system is crazy strong for a handheld in 2011, you see uncharted on it and it's quite mind blowing what they could achieve of it.
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