24 , 30 , 36 bpp ???

Discussion in 'Computer Monitor Forum' started by drbaltazar, Jan 24, 2014.

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    OK !after reading a display port overview I had a few question , it seem when dp or Xbox (probably other too ,when they speak about bit per pixel for color they only mention actual color and not the alpha channel ! Why is this ? Like me , on my PC I am set at 32 bit 8bit for red 8 bit for blue and 8 bit for green and 8 bit for transparency . but they aren't mentioned in Xbox or dp support .why ?I was confused at first ,I was like I have to set my unit to 30 bit but then I read that my assumption is wrong because it would say to my computer or Xbox part to do 10 bit per channel (as we know almost no content is done at 10 bit per channel and most normal hardware is 24 bit per pixel .my question :why is transparency ignored ? Does it mean it isn't supported ?_ so we lose the 8 bit of transparency .

    PS: for all of you guys using Xbox refrain from Using 30 or 36 bit setting .today's setting is 24 bit , you all only waste resource setting it to 36 bpp .it might not sound like a lot is wasted ,but remember there are more then 2 .1 million pixel being generated each refresh so x 24 or x 36 is a huge difference for 0 improvement in prettiness since content is done at 24 bpp.
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    Common sense would tell you that higher is better quality.
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    How do you see a transparent channel?

    That's why it's 24 bits on the monitor. The monitor doesn't have a clear sub-pixel. :eek:c:

    That transparency channel is just to tell the video card to overwrite a pixel with the alpha channel.

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