2020 has really screwed with my head.

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  1. Lol just glad we seem to have more humor and common ground than anything, or we try to ... that's not always the case ... there are some flame wars out there man

    :eek: what'd you mean by that eh ? what's wrong with lil green men :oops:

    Good point; being cooped up & working from home is unusual for me

    If I were a mod this would be my avatar hah
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    Green everywhere,because its summer isnt? ;)

    Nothing political here,but I like this Florida's Sheriff Daniels (and his message for the Flag Day on his yt channel)

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  3. You know I just realized isn't green kinda a color all over summer winter spring but not fall? Winter cause of all the Holiday themes mostly right?

    EDIT: I'll check out your video...
    EDIT#2: Ppl will split hairs over his points on carry law (probably the carry right part mainly) as a threat n not a statement...how a Sheriff can deputize. I didn't know you could do that to a whole town? but hey lots I do not know'
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