2 Odditites when using Dual cards

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    POV 280GTX 1GB POV 8800G2
    First of all Hello im new to the forum

    Second thanks for the great software!

    I use dual cards, 3 LCD's and XP 32bit as OS im using 2.24 RT

    280GTX primary 2 LCD's connected, 8800GTsecondary 1 LCD connected and ive got a couple of odditities.

    1. Hardware monitoring- Video memory used only works when just 1 display is "active". when i mean active i mean when i extend my desktop in Display properties to either of the extra monitors or both of them Video memory used goes to 0. if i disable them again then video memory used works again. (probably due to other items you can specify which card to get the info from GPU0 GPU1 but with video memory there isnt a choice)

    2. I have made some launcher entries and specified them to the 2nd card as the target but when i try to use them then i get the error "over clocking profile is no longer valid or its corrupt". if i open up RT and change the Target adaptor from Main, then the laucher items for the 2nd card work, but now the ones for the primary card give the same error. This is the same for launcher items of if they are in schedular.

    Thanks again! let me know if i can test anything out.

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