197.41 WHQL released

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How is this driver working for you?

  1. Better than previous drivers

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  2. About the same as previous drivers

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  3. Worse than previous drivers

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  1. I was thinking the same thing :banana:
  2. ShadowDuke

    ShadowDuke Ancient Guru

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    XFX Radeon RX 6600
  3. davido6

    davido6 Maha Guru

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    well i for one love these drivers fixed 2 probs i was havieng bc2 flickering now and then and all so on start up my monitor would do auto adjust wich would knock it out of sinc so keepers for me

    and ty for sorting the thread out :)

    can u sort the link on the main page to this thread as well ty :):banana:
  4. ShadowMyth

    ShadowMyth Guest

    The only thing that isn't working for me is GPU usage monitor on EVGA Presicion. Anyone else having this problem?

  5. soddit112

    soddit112 Guest

    its broken in MSI Afterburner and GPU-Z for me, GPU usage, mem controller load and video engine load all show 0% constantly :( i dont have Precision installed but it sounds like the same problem.
  6. alxtorrentazos

    alxtorrentazos Guest

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    ASUS 2060 OC
    Maybe it´s time for a new version of RivaTuner?????
    Unwinder, are you looking?! ;)
  7. meds

    meds Guest

    GTA 4 still fails :(
  8. allup

    allup Master Guru

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    2 X SLi 2070 Super
    Ya know, i had a real problem with GTA4 when it first came out with SLi and my 280's i dropped it off SLI in the control panel and the crashing stopped sort of. Then i re-enabled it and went to program settings in the 3d settings and made GTA4 single card only and i got way less blue screens
    Eventually driver caught up and i was able to leave it on SLI.
    Also did you try the SLI updates from either Nvidia or EVGA??
    They come out around every WHQL driver release. They are about due for another one.

    Hope that helps

    Also CYBERMANCER. Thanks for fixing the thread.
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  9. Ukraver

    Ukraver Guest

    msi 1.5 working fine here

    compared to 197.25 beta performance is identical on heaven bench 2.0 , mw2 , nfs shift , fc2 bench all identical results both max and min fps

    on availabilty my local little pc shop has had both 470 priced at £350 uk and 480 priced at £470 for the last week so it seems the uk must have a few available
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  10. smut

    smut Guest

    Having this problem as well but I am on 197.25 version.

  11. Hog54

    Hog54 Maha Guru

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    Asus Tuf RTX 3070
    Gpu usage works fine for me in precision with these drivers.
  12. Soundcreepy

    Soundcreepy Guest

    im confused here but are these drivers only for the 400 series...or are they a normal set supporting multiple gpus

    sorry for the lame question
  13. Pablo

    Pablo Guest

    Working fine on my 8800gtx.....

    Youl need the modded inf though.
  14. Markushka141

    Markushka141 Guest

    with those drivers i was as well in the 30-ish fps :) also i had stutters in prototype with the quadro ones, these 197.41 are pretty impressive drivers for me :) nice performance boost :)

    1680x1050 , 2XAA

    FPS: min=53 max=78 avg=61

    FPS: min=53 max=84 avg=61

    FPS: min=54 max=77 avg=61

    FPS: min=62 max=94 avg=71

    FPS: min=62 max=94 avg=(72)

    FPS: min=61 max=94 avg=71

    Heaven Benchmark

    DX10/high/Ani x2/AA x2/FS 1/Res 1680x1050

    186.18 = 42.6 , 1073 points
    191.87 = 43.0 , 1084 points
    197.13 = (43.2), 1084 points
    197.25 = 43.0 , 1084 points
    197.41 = 43.0 , 1083 points

  16. TheHunter

    TheHunter Guest

    yea i installed them too now, 197.25 and 197.28 gave bosd's in GTA4; so far so good with these too.. and they seem on par with 197.25 maybe 0,5-1,5fps slower in some games, not a big deal though..
  17. Cru_N_cher

    Cru_N_cher Guest

    Strange driver it's the first time it doesn't install even with a modded inf on win xp sp3 and a G92 (8800GT) the driver is saying it couldn't install successfully even after card detection in the middle of the installation process this never happened before.

    197.25 (Quadro) is the last Unified Driver that installs successfully on xp sp3, though it loses all Monitoring capability (GPU Load,Memory Controller Load, Video Engine Load) do we see a major change coming in the UDA towards Vista/7 ?

    Edit: It works but only installing it over the old one a new clean install isn't possible anymore (brakes up in the middle after the forced card detection)

    Yep also 197.41 seems to be broken with NVAPI (or restriction reenabled) reading the (GPU Load,Memory Controller Load, Video Engine Load) at least with a G92 and the Overclock workaround isn't possible anymore ;) (so it seems they fixed the restriction)

    Nvidia the problem is the whole users (customers) on the internet know by now that it is possible, and just a restriction on the Driver side and we can always reproduce it with the older drivers so why you don't just enable it officially for all the older cards too now the game is over, else this will become a very bad publicity stunt for you (ask your marketing guys) ;)

    I guess we need to make everyone aware of these Marketing Strategic (and obviously forced Driver restriction) using as a G200 series selling feature the worse part is that guys like Wizzard, lately Unwinder played this Game on Nvidias behalf, though i guess they didn't knew that it was just a plain restriction forced on all the old customers.

    I find it very sad that Nvidia decided after ATI introducing it for their series of cards that this should be a selling feature for their new Cards and restricted to them only via Software and miss use Guys like Wizzard and Unwinder to force this believe into the community, makes me not happy being a Nvidia user for such a long time :(

    Of course it's unfortunate for Nvidia that this came out now by a bad mistake of them but their reaction yet to this seems to just fix it away and try to make users believe it never existed, but in the times of the Internet they should know such things don't work anymore and they have to react properly now or else they gonna have another scandal up their sleeves, im not sure how all the old Nvidia Card user gonna react to this knowing that they have been on purpose lied too all the time, i can only advise Nvidia to react the best way possible to this and that would be too stop this and make it available for every card in the next official Driver release and if it needs to be you can advertise it as a new Feature your Driver Engineers have been able to come up with so be it though it wont ever hide the truth about it.

    So to be clear what i claim here is that (GPU Load,Memory Controller Load, Video Engine Load) can be done on any Nvidia GPU featuring the VP1/2/3 not only on the G200 series of cards.

    Take it like this in your blogs, News sites and publish it the truth always gonna survive :)

    To show you proof of what i say here is a screenshot of my G92 (8800 GT)
    using these Driver Software feature for Debugging purposes


    It's rather officially now in a bit censored version @ their footsteps now

    awaiting reaction...
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  18. Cyberdyne

    Cyberdyne Guest

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    2080 Ti FTW3 Ultra
    Huh, I am amazed that you were able to take something so simple and meaningless and blow it up into some strange and retarded conspiracy centered around drivers (among other unrelated things), like you did there Cru_N_cher. I feel dumber having read that. I knew I should have settled for a TL;DR...

    As for these drivers, they perform exactly the same as the past 2 drivers. Obvious to me that they are only made to support the new 400 series and not so much game improvement.
  19. meds

    meds Guest

    even then my gtx 480 crashes like a mofo. I'm tempted to install drivers off the disc.
  20. guderiancol

    guderiancol Guest

    help noooooooob question, i heard good things about that driver, im stuck with 197.15, i want to install that driver in xp32, i need inf modified, or a good explanation about how make one,...or someon plz uplodad it thanks.....

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