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1660 install problems

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce' started by LordSoth, Jul 19, 2019.

  1. LordSoth

    LordSoth Member Guru

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    MSI 1080 8gig
    My bro just got a 1660 and drivers will not install with any driver version i use.


    Drivers not compatible with this version of windows, win 10 version 1903 i think with updates installed.

    Any idea how to get around this or force an install another way.
  2. A M D BugBear

    A M D BugBear Ancient Guru

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    2 1080ti-XOC BIOS
    1st: use DDU under safe mode.

    2nd, while under ddu: go under options, check where it says prevent downloads of drivers from "windows" search for a driver.

    3rd: If your using classic style look like startisback, click on the bottom left icon on the main windows screen, go under control panel, click on system, then click on the tab: advanced system settings, under hardware, click on tab device installation settings then click on no.

    You can also type on services.msc under search for programs and files, go under window update, then do startup type: disabled.

    Or you can use DWS: Destroy windows spying, and you can disable windows update.

    Believe me, I was going absolutely bananas when I had the drivers I wanted to be installed then the stinkin' good for nothing windows update, installs the older graphic drivers on top of the one I just installed, this resulted corruption in drivers and such and force to re-install drivers, fresh and clean.

    What I normally do when I install my rs2: 15063(rtm build), I disconnect the ethernet right off the back, because I know if its connected, the moment I get into windows, stuff will be downloading right off the back, I don't need any of that garbage, I already have everything backed up, including some of the 15063 rtm updates, so no need.

    Then after everything is installed, I use dws, disable all windows updates, re-connect ethernet, then good for business...

    You can also go under settings, update, recovery, advanced options, then click on that pause thingy.

    Hope this helps, thanks.
  3. Mda400

    Mda400 Master Guru

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    1660 - 2130/10ghz
    There are 2 driver types now regarding Windows 10. The error you are likely getting is from trying to install one type over the other.

    It is generally easiest to use DDU to switch between the two types. After you uninstall one type, disconnect from the internet and manually install the type you want.

    For at least Nvidia and Intel, they offer DCH drivers:

    NVIDIA DCH/Standard Display Drivers for Windows 10 FAQ

    Introduction of Windows DCH Drivers for Intel Products

    Since standard-type drivers are considered 'legacy', DCH should be the type of driver you should install with newer builds of Windows 10.
    DCH drivers in Windows 10 are simply a more secure and streamline way of developing and integrating drivers for Windows.

    The DCH driver should automatically install the 'Nvidia Control Panel" app in your start menu, but if not you can get it here
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2019
  4. jbscotchman

    jbscotchman Ancient Guru

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    MSI 1660 Ti XS OC
    Like the other guys said make sure you do a complete removal of your current drivers. Then go to Geforce.com to get the latest and compatible drivers.

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