16.101.X [Pre-GCN driver pack]

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    Does this work with a hd2900xt?
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    No, this is DX11 gens only.
    I seem to remember FLEM was the thing for older cards, though I wouldn't know whatever advantage it could give you over the latest normal 13.9 drivers.
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    Use DDU and install only one driver, either one from this post or the 16.2.1 beta.

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    I'm using an HD 5670 again during Christmas season and apparently they're no longer allowing hardware acceleration in Chrome or Edge Chromium, and ignoring the blacklist eventually results in a non-responsive browser window that you'll have to terminate the process for. Doesn't matter whether it's the 15.7.1 or the last beta driver.
    Firefox reports it as supported though and it seems to work without issues.

    It's also damn annoying that all browsers seem to default to VP9 on youtube now, which takes up almost all CPU resources on this Core 2 Quad. This generation of hardware really is coming close to its end now.
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    ive noticed that my penryn xeon quad handles vp9 pretty ok , 1080p only uses about 20-30% cpu, unlike my older dual core conroe based system , which will max out before 720p , those sse4 instructions seem to be pretty important for decoding.
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    Ignore the blacklist and start Chrome with the following 2 parameters:
    --disable_d3d11 --disable_d3d11_video_decoder
    and see how it goes. You are basicaly making it fall back to dx9 that is in a better shape (still shitty starting with 15.7). Directx 11 and AMD is meh at best... (My HD 7750 with recent drivers has a passion to crash the driver when I watch videos h264 in Chromium based browsers, and it's not that it crash the driver it takes the OS with it also. Apparently with the 2 parameters above things are better. VLC with default settings has stutter, I have to change the Video Output to Direct3D 9 and Hardware Accelerated Decoding to DXVA 2.0 to get rid of the stutter.)
    You can try to add this parameter too:
    but I doubt this one will do much.

    For youtube h264ify is your friend.

    Other things regarding this. All drivers AMD after 15.7 (including 15.7 here) are plain awfull. I believe they did some nasty hack to improve the draw calls/performance that is causing problems. They basicaly traded stability over performance something that you plain don't do (assuming you care, but then again I don't believe AMD cares about something else than money, main reason the HD 7750 and Athlon x4 640 were the last products I bought from AMD).
    Older drivers proved to have less issues and be more stable but for some reasons those drivers ended up blacklisted in browsers.
    The moment browsers moved to Dx11 things started to be meh at best for AMD due to the poor Dx11 implementation in AMD drivers. AMD useless pushed Mantle(Vulkan) and Dx12 cause those things won't shine soon in other places than games (games can afford to be Vulkan, DX12 only an OS can't afford and it's just cheaper to go with the lowest supported API than have 3 GUI renders...).
    L.E.: Yes I know that I used the HD 7750, this is the only AMD/ATI that I still have access too. 12.12-15.7 Were used with the HD 5670 that I no longer had and problems were similar with HD 7750, probably I was hitting bugs in the code that was shared for all architectures...
    L.E 2: My old GT 220 is in a better situation compared to my HD 7750. Hilarious.
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