15mins then shutdown.... but all power management set to always on

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by goat, Mar 4, 2001.

  1. goat

    goat Guest

    Been all through bios and set every thing to never shut down or always on etc. <br>
    Done the same in win98, all through power management never shutdown / standby. <br>
    But it still goes into suspend every 15mins!!!!!! <br>
    Not only that but when it does the only thing to bring it out is a hard reset! <br>
    Please help. <br>
    My spec: <br>
    Athlon 1.2 (9*133) <br>
    Abit KT7a <br>
    256mb crucial 133 <br>
    CL geforce 256 DDR <br>
    Maxtor 10.8 gig <br>
    6 * 80mm fans <br>
    Taisol ck742.... whatever <br>
    Artic Silver 2 <br>
    Temps 32 idle 49 flat out <br>
    No instability at all (apart from this shutdown thing

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