1440 Radiator Setup Advice and then some!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by 1chi, Feb 2, 2013.

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    EVGA Geforce
    Performance is the goal here for video editing, playing games a little, and very in-depth cpu heavy coding.

    Currently looking at building with the following... (Bold areas are what I am most concerned with)

    Case will be Extended U2-UFO (Going to create your own I think but cost is a lot...)
    * Intel i7 3930k
    * ASUS Rampage IV Extreme (Used the 2 for an older build and has nice overclocking options unless there is a better option)
    Corsair AX1200i
    * EVGA 04G-P4-2686-KR 4GB 680 (Reference?)
    Intel 520 SSD 180 GB
    G. Skill F3-2133C11Q-32GZL 4 x 8GB Ripjaws Z 11-11-11-31 Timing 1.5 V Rated 2133Mhz

    Now here is the hard(new and unknown with little experience hands on) part for me...

    I want to liquid cool the asterisked items up above using two pumps/reservoirs eventually or immediately if economically viable. Anyways I need the case to be closed out now(no openings and don't want fillers for the time being) so plan on going with 3 radiators at 4 x 120mm on the top of this case with fans in push pull configuration throwing the air up out of the case. Then some fan controllers in the front portion to control the radiator fans(there will be no other fans or fans in the front throwing air forwards out of the case). As for the reservoirs I was looking into two to be placed in the front of the case with the pumps directly beneath them (fan controls beneath these unless for function the pump is better suited further below). I aim to have the cpu on it's own radiator then have the GPU(eventually a SLIed additional unit) and the motherboard on the two other radiators; These runs will have their own pump/reservoir.

    I really want input on this so I can take other viewpoints into account. Then I have some questions.

    First, will that be enough power for the system or do I need a second PSU?

    Second, I've read that 1.5v on Sandy Bridge is a better more reliable option with caps in performance seen at roughly 2133 Mhz so if this is true is this the best option or is there something else? Also is it a good idea to get fans for this memory(i.e. F3-17000CL11Q-32GBZL on newegg vs F3-2133C11Q-32GZL on newegg) Should I spend more on the Vengeance for 10-11-11-31 timings? Liquid cool the memory or is it truly pointless and fine in a somewhat enclosed case?

    Third, I'm planning on GT Ice Radiators as from what I've seen they perform very well although is there a more price efficient option or something that works better? Anyone have some additional performance charts that accurately support their thoughts?

    Fourth, same as radiators except looking at swiftech apogee HD just wondering if there is something thats a better performer or same performer at lower cost.

    Fifth, do there happen to be reservoirs that will slightly chill coolant? I can not seem to find any

    Sixth, not really sure on the pump so what is a good pump at around 100-150 dollar range maybe more if it's value is there. Currently looking at Swiftech MCP35X 12 VDC Pump. Is it better to have higher flow rate and less radiators?

    Seventh, I know that most individuals keep a constant id/od measurement throughout the system but is it viable to slightly increase it as you go? + Example... Pump (3/8 id 1/2 od) to reservoir (3/8 id 1/2 od) to rad (3/8 id 1/2 od) to waterblock (3/8 id 1/2 od) to radiator (1/2 id 5/8 od) to pump again using attachment? The idea being making the pumps job easier as it all cycles back into itself and output is a funnel shape so that flow is increase into one direction or does this cause complications inside the pump? Say you had a pump with 3/8 id 1/2 od outlet and a 1/2 id 5/8 od inlet would that fix the issues? +

    Please provide your thoughts, any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    I am having some trouble finding accurate real world temperature or even water flow performance charts; Anyone know some good databases?
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    GTX 780
    1. Your psu had more than enough power to juice up your system even with liquid cooling stuff like pump.
    2. The tighter the ram timing the better and faster it go, my HyperX ram is rated at 1.65v at 1866MHz and I have no issue, just let XMP memory profile do it for you.
    3. I'm a bit clueless on the radiator, but if the performance is good go for it.
    4. Hmm... usually the bigger the radiator the better.
    5. No... the coolant is chilled by the rads.
    6. Higher flow pump can increase the volume of liquids cooled by the rads, about the number of rad maybe you can go for 1x360mm rad and 1x120mm rad, number of rads depends on how much component you use such tri-fire or sli where the wattage is high and how much you want to squeeze out of you CPU.
    7. http://www.extreme.outervision.com/psucalculatorlite.jsp you can see the radiator set up and pump setting in the given section
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    What is your max budget for the cooling loop and what country are you in?
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    EVGA GTX 1080Ti SC
    Why would you cool a single 130W TDP CPU, a 190W TDP GFX card, and a 25-50W mobo with 3 x 480mm radiators, even if you overclocked them to their limits?

    1 single quad rad, with quiet fans, would get you around 400W heat dissipation at 10 (quiet)-15C (silent) delta between water temp and air.

    2nd radiator would cut that in half (reduce by 50%). a 3rd radiator would reduce by 33%. Is it worth it, at least for the 3rd radiator? Do you have plans to run a silent water loop, or do you not mind the extra fan noise?

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