1080ti Tweaking Question.

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    2 1080ti h20 w/XOC Bios
    Going to be putting in 2 1080ti hybrids soon, I only did a few look ups on bios modding, seems there isn't much at all, However I did found this:


    Anyone tried this before on a 7+2 1080ti Card???

    If anyone has done this trick, let me know soon please, thanks.

    More then likely I won't be doing it but rather I asked here first to see if anyone has attempted it before.

    Shoot, I modded both of my 980ti card, stock is what 250 watts, I am now like 325 tdp.

    I tried a mod that was over 400 tdp but ran to hot, closer to 70 C range, way to hot for a hybrid setup, more like geared towards: Full High end Watercooling setup, thats with an additional 140mm fan on the side, blowing the vrm heatsinks on both cards and thermal grizzly paste on both gpu's, HOT, HOT, HOT!!

    So extra 30 watts ain't jack, but rather ask first here since I never done it on a pascal.

    I am still working on some 980ti benchmark videos, once those are done, theses are going in.

    I'll try the normal overclock first and see how it goes from there, If I need some extra boost later on, I'll look this stuff up later, Figured I ask though.
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    1080Ti @h2o
    You know you could have posted this in the 1080Ti thread where we guys are discussing this kind of stuff for some time now? :D

    Well in that thread of ours there's nobody out yet that seemed to have it done, although some consider it afaik. No hard facts to share with you though. I'm quite interested too, but for now I want to see what I can squeeze out of my cards with the "normal" OC methods.

    As Pascal is limited by temp and power / voltage the most, lowering temps is the first thing to do (water cooling), the power limit might or might not help depending on your temps after all.
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    GTX1080 Ti +2*1080 FE EK
    Hi there

    Like above here is thread where we share our experiences with OC of the GTX1080Ti

    BIOS modding on Pascal I don't think will be available or I don't think Pascal tweaker will be released as these BIOS looks are encrypted

    Only way how to remove TDP limits is shunt mode or flash with STRIX BIOS there, OC depends on silicone lottery as with card, with most of the Ti you should be able to do 2050-2088MHz,anything above you can call yourself lucky, if you do more than 2100MHz then you are have good card

    I would highly OC Pascal cards via MSI Afterburner and V/F curve with which you can gain a bit better OC

    Hope this helps

    Thanks, Jura

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