1080ti Hall-of-fame voltage control & 1.3 volts

Discussion in 'MSI AfterBurner Overclock Application Discussion' started by Bestofbritish96, Jul 30, 2017.

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    are there any configuration changes I can make to afterburner which will allow me to control the voltage on the 1080ti HOF and allow for a voltage curve which goes up to 1.3 volts ?
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    Nope. The only way to get more voltage out of ANY pascal card is to mod it.

    If you hit power limits aside from the usual 13Mhz downclocks I'd recommend doing the shunt mod. It's easy, just do some googling and you'll figure out what to do. Here's some info to get you started. This also includes info about voltage modding. https://xdevs.com/guide/pascal_oc/#step3

    I'd recommend you change the stock thermal paste more than anything, it's always ass. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaught is what you want. (Arctic Silver is old and out performed).

    Anyway, my 1070 G1 needed the shunt mod to prevent massive throttling, but my 1080 Ti Amp Extreme does not. It all depends on your bios. There is no modifying of bioses on on pascal either, nor does it look like there will be at any point.

    Make sure you have the latest MSI AB to overclock your card with (4.4.0 B14 at time of writing, can be found in rtss beta thread). Click on the graph and hit CTRL+F to bring up the clock/voltage control for pascal cards. Good luck figuring out exactly how it works and how pascal throttles and downclocks under load, too tricky to explain. Good luck!
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    Nope. It is entirely a question of lack of programmable VRM on reference design card. IR3595A used on 1080Ti Lightning allows bypassing the limit.

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