1080p60hz HDMI active&passive output without 3DTV Play!

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    I made batch files for simplify usage registry hack for 1080p60hz DVI/HDMI active&passive(row, column, chess) output without 3DTV Play!


    It should work on 32&64 bit Windows.
    0) Go to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\Stereo3D"(for 32bit Win without "Wow6432Node\"), rightClick-export for backup if you need.
    1) Unzip, run bat from settings folder via shortcut with "Admin" setting, input screen size in inches for correct max Stereo3D depth(61mm IPD by default), for greater IPD input lower size than real(for 37inch TV input 36 for about 65mm IPD). Then press any key for set my custom hotkeys, if you don't want to change it - just close CMD window. If bat not working, move "NVIDIA_S3D" folder to desktop and run it from there.

    For passive output:
    2) Install manually(via device manager select from driver folder any of two ZMT/Acer) EDID override for your TV/monitor and now you should have "Optimized for GeForce" display type in NV control panel.
    3) Choose passive method from output folder and run appropriate bat.
    4) Run game in native screen resolution and if left/right image is swapped then run same bat with "inverted" in filename.

    For active output(3D vision and 3DTV Play function):
    2) You should have HDMI connection and "HDMI Blu-Ray 3D" display type in NV control panel.
    3) Run game first, minimize(ALT+TAB/ALT+ENTER), run sequential bat, maximize game and you should see blinking image for active glasses. In some games with fake full screen it may not work until you use special window mode for example in KSP I using command in shortcut("%KSPpath%\KSP_x64.exe" -force-d3d11 -window-mode exclusive ). Then for 3DTV Play function(HD3D mode for passive screen) open "screen resolution-advancedSettings-monitor" and set 24hz mode and now you should have interleaved S3D image processed by monitor from sequential input(auto 3D mode is ON). If you don't like minimize and run bat every game launch you can block write permission of registry Stereo3D key for System(see path from step 0 rightClick-Permissions-SYSTEM and set FullControl-Deny checkbox) but you need then unblock it for make changes in Stereo3D settings from NV control panel.

    Copy shortcut to desktop for easy multiple usage.
    Also you can change "DrsEnable=1" to "DrsEnable=0" in registry for save Stereo3D inGame settings to registry(Stereo3D\GameConfigs\%exeName%) instead of DRS games profile file(C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\Drs\nvdrsdb*.bin). Saving to registry is not have ~2sec freeze in game and easy for export/import(after clean driver install) all games Stereo3D settings(in .reg file) without using programs like NVIDIA inspector.

    My custom hotkeys(file "HotKeys.txt" inside zip):
    StereoToggle(Stereo3D on/off)= *
    WriteConfig(save game Stereo3D settings to profile)= CTR + *
    StereoToggleMode(on/off fake Stereo3D mode based on zBuffer if available)= SHIFT + *
    StereoSeparationAdjustMore(Stereo3D background depth increase)= CTR + NUM(+)
    StereoSeparationAdjustLess(Stereo3D background depth decrease)= CTR + NUM(-)
    StereoConvergenceAdjustMore(Stereo3D base increase)= SHIFT + NUM(+)
    StereoConvergenceAdjustLess(Stereo3D base decrease)= SHIFT + NUM(-)
    ToggleLaserSight(on/off Stereo3D laser marker in game)= NUM(/)
    ToggleMemo(on/off game rating info OSD)= CTR + NUM(/)
    CycleFrustumAdjust(shifted frame border type select)= SHIFT + NUM(/)

    Have fun. [​IMG]
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    While this is pretty cool if true, I'm not going to download anything posted by a new user until it is cleared as safe.
    Not that the registry entry could cause a problem but that the zip file might conceal an unknown attack vector.
    Heck the data contained might be completely genuine.
    But free stuff that people really want sometimes has a payload.
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    I am author of this file and expected thanks instead of suspected. You speak like new user of PC, can't open zip and check what inside without execution? :)
    Finally you can use Virtual Machine(VirtualBox for example) for any unknown risk on Net without risk for your real OS.
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    you are right Wital instead he looks new to PC

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