100% Fan speed for second ATI 4870X2 with RivaTuner

Discussion in 'Rivatuner Generic Discussion forum' started by Kornster, Nov 27, 2012.

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    Hi All,

    I hope im posting in the right forum, But i have an issue with Riva Tuner.

    I used to run Dual Crossfire ATI 4870X2`s in my Rig but one died and ive been awaiting one i got cheap from the US. Well that arrived last week and Ive installed it, Setup my hardware monitoring events in RivaTuner, tested and they all work. my problem is that when i bootup and into windows. The second GPU gets set to 100% fan speed by RivaTuner every time and i have to go and scale the speed down.

    Things i have done so far

    Checked Launcher items to ensure i have not set one to 100% fan profile by accident
    Checked Hardware monitoring ranges to ensure i have not set one to use the 100% fan speed profile by accident.
    Tested booting up with RivaTuner disabled on boot.
    Tested opening and closing RivaTuner and confirmed that when i open RivaTuner its setting GPU2 to 100%
    Swapped the 4870X2`s around to ensure it is not the card and same issue.
    Checked to make sure Overdrive is off in the CCC.
    Ati have released 12.6 Drivers for the 4000 series cards for Windows 8 user`s and i have recently installed them for the crossfire option, previously i was using 11.12 as these are the only drivers i could get to display the option to enable crossfire in Windows 8
    Removed the crossfire ribbon and booted up. Same thing
    The only thing i did with the new card was save the bios and setup a custom fan profile in it via RBE and then reflashed.All i did in terms of custom fan profile was set the minimum fan speed to be @40% rather than the appalling ATI profiles they used to be set on them.
    Also set the second GPU to apply 40% fan profile settings on boot with no change.

    Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening?
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    What I would do is do a fresh install of windows.
    I say this a lot I know, but it's just the easiest fix for most weird problems.
  3. Kornster

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    Thanks for the reply naike.

    I actually fixed the issue last night am kind of embarrassed as someone who works in IT that i didn't do this to start off with.

    Basically i was mucking around and flashed the gpu`s back to the original Bios as i found an article @ http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1345181 which outlines how to use RivaTuner to speed up the fan depending on heat.

    Anyways getting to the point i downloaded the latest version of RivaTuner, Uninstalled the previous version and installed the new one. Now its not giving me the problem with the second GPU.

    Sorry to waste everyone's time on this. Sometimes us technicians just dont think outside the box even thou i preach it at work.


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