10-core Xeon E5-2600 V2 Ivy Bridge-EP Processor Info Surfaces

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Oct 12, 2012.

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    we will see what happen to this market segment when ARM start bring it A15 16 many core,
    maybe intel will start trying im not say this 12 core isn't impressive but with all Haswell efficiency how many core could they fit on it
  3. Tat3

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    My current CPU is still doing kinda OK so trying push my update to point when that one comes out. Do want. :)
  4. Lane

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    How much Gflops is capable to deliver an A15 16cores.. ?

    Untill AMD HSA Fundation deliver the codes for make viable ARM cpu language on servers ( teamed with Samsung, TI, Qualcomm etc ), i doubt the efficiency will be really there in term of Performance.
    + the problem with ARM is they dont work on an Compiled language, but an interpreted one. And you cant for now use them in collaboration with GPU or even inside a system for computing ( language of memory data storage is not the same, they are not compatible with the interconnect of x86 server system, not the same instructions etc etc )...

    Actually you can use ARM cpu for make some work on their own ( like data backup on Server Database for economy some energy, or use same as co processor for save energy on Idle " low operation "but not make them run on a performance efficient level "

    A 12 cores Intel, mean 24 multithread... AMD have allready released 24+ cores CPU ..

    A single blade with 4 GPU + 4 or 8x CPU x86 is able to deliver Massive Tflops of computing data. ( a single gpu now provide 4 Tflops on single floating point.. )
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  5. Brasky

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    does this mean the evga Sr-X might become useful?
    anyone? cause that would make me help me justify spending the cash on this caselabs case i bought on impulse a few months ago, good times!:bang:
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  6. rl66

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    there is many point that missing:

    -it is true that AMD have already 24+ core CPU but it is less efficient in computing that actual Intel solution.

    -having many core on CPU depend on your needs, as i have application that use Tesla i will always prefer an average CPU and Tesla over a huge core number CPU (tesla compute faster for my use).

    -and ARM... ARM architecture is a lot more modern, versatile and powerfull than any X86/64 CPU's one. See the ARM technical evolution/power curve, it's near vertical since 3 year now, i guess they will be the next 3rd CPU competitor in a few (after having pwn everyone on mobile segment).

    -it is true that ARM suffer from all the issue you said. but there is plenty of linux distro and the next Windows Hate... oups i mean 8 :) that make it easy to use for "normal" people... and so we will see many people developing stuff for it (as it as already started in linux world).

    but anyway this xeon should be cute, i guess the price too :banana: ).
  7. benniehanas

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    Waiting for poss GTX 685
    I bought the Case Labs TX10 just for the SR-X too and went with the ASUS instead hen I heard the Sandy EP were not overclockable (maybe due to heat as a percaution with the extra cores). I might still get the SR-X if it supports Ivy-EP and they're overclockable and have fixed the cheap thermal compound in them. They are Xeon for corporations, so I believe they wouldn't use the cheap stuff like with the first Ivy Bridge. Xeon is worthless for gaming, but I plan on using the server for gaming and Labs for Cisco stuff hosting several VM's. Maybe it's overkill, but I have an enormous case to utilize

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