1 GPU 2 Monitors RTX2070 few questions :-)

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    Hi there! i recently bought second monitor one 1440p 144hz monitor and the second is 1080p 144hz and i have few questions:

    1. High (max) memory clocks when idle.

    When i connect my second monitor (1080p 144hz) GPU clocks went crazy to max memory clocks, very common issue. I read about CRU but i dont know how it exacly works so i dont want to spoil my monitor. But when i enable G-Sync on my first monitor (1440p 144hz) and change my second monitor (1080p 144hz) to (1080p 120hz) my clocks stay with normal values when idle and "jumps" when playing changing from idle to mid to max over and over again when GPU power is around 25W to 45W and Voltages are about 0.700 0.900 is it normal? any idea/fix how can i do something? i want to have 2 monitors turn on all the time.

    2. Best NVIDIA Driver for RTX 2070.

    What is the best version of Nvidia driver? i play only one game so i dont care about newest updates for games like cod/b4b etc...i remember that i had one driver in like 2o18/2o19 when i dont had any problem with fps jumps now when i updated card i feel like it did something to my fps any help/idea here?

    I hope someone of you guys know what's going on and could help me ^^ have a good day!
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    RTX 3090
    For the first problem use Nvidia Inspectors integrated MDPS (Multi Display Power Saver)

    Second one: phew, i'm pretty happy with the actual release... but i'm on a 3090 :D

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