1% fan duty cycle->39 degrees, hd 4850

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    palit hd4850 512mb
    So... i buy a new gpu, it's fan is very loud, ->i get the latests catalys drivers, i monitor temp and fan speed with riva, i see that it goes to 5%, but it's still verry loud and the temp stays very low (37 degrees).
    So i change some settings with riva, including duty cycle min=1. The volume goes down a bit but not enough,and now on idle it stays on 1% 39 degres C, and in games at 2% fan duty cycle and 50 degrees.
    I can't get a monitor on fan speed though.

    Yet still, the fan is too loud in idle, and is driving me crazy, and the 40C temp just proves that it is spinning too fast.
    changing fan duty cycle one 100% one way or another doesn't help, 1% fan speed remains 1% fan speed.

    I'm looking towards 2 solutions:
    1: the most indicated and good one would be to slow the fan speed even more but not stop it. I believe that somehow 1% isn't exactly 1% when it comes to this fan.

    2: If 1 fails, then the only solution would be to stop the fan when under 50c.(If anyone can point me to/do a guide on how to do this i would appreciate it and i will not become insane because of my fan noise and i will be a better person)

    screenshot of the monitorig, notice the 1% duty cycle.

    and this is my gpu:palit HD 4850. notice the fan...
    http://ncix.com/products/index.php?sku=30981&vpn=XAE/48500+T352&manufacture=Palit Multimedia Inc.

    ps:don't buy this card with this fan. you might one consider something like this instead:(same card, diferent fan)
    too late for me though :/

    so.. any ideas on how to get below 1%?
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    Visiontek Radeon HD 4850
    The aftermarket fan on that might not obey rivatuner at all, are you sure manually settings it actually changes how fast it is going?
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    palit hd4850 512mb
    the fan listens to riva tuner, as there is a noticible audible diference betwen the initial revving up at the computer restart, the 5% duty cycle that was automaticaly hold by the default catalyst function, the 2% ingame cycle, and the 1% at idle.

    Unwinder, thank you for your quick reply, the post you just linked is actually the post that i used for setting up riva in the 1st place. I've read it again and again, still i did not find a solution to my problem there,
    my desire is to try to get the fan below 1% yet not stopped. Something like 0.5% would suffice. Is such a thing possible?

    theese are my values for riva:
    Lookup entry 0 - 50 - 2
    Lookup entry 1 - 60 - 8
    Lookup entry 2 - 65 - 15
    Lookup entry 3 - 70- 32
    Lookup entry 4 - 80 - 50
    Lookup entry 5 - 85 - 65
    Lookup entry 6 - 90 - 80
    Lookup entry 7 - 98 - 100
    PWM mode 3
    PWM hysteresis 0
    PWM ramp on 1
    PWM ramp 1
    Duty cycle 100% 135
    Duty cycle min 1
    Spinup cycle 20
    Spinup time 2
    T min 15
    T max 105
    T slope 40
    T hysteresis 4

    Under "Power user" i have under "RivaTuner\Fan" AutoFanSpeedControl with value 3

    Nothing else has been modified.

    i am using riva tuner 2.24
    and ati drivers: 8.591.0.0

    also: if i set "RivaTuner\Fan" -> "MinSpeedLimit"-0, and then set Duty cycle min 0 , interestingly enough, the RT monitor will show 0% fan duty cycle, yet my fan will visually and audible spin just as before, at 1%. What am i doing wrong?
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    palit hd4850 512mb

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