µTorrent associated with Anti-P2P?

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    sounds like very bad news for us uTorrent lovers
    seeing as uTorrent is not Open Source they could've
    added spyware, malware, monitorware and so on.

    im not totaly convinced though from that article
    and something doesnt sound right.
    just in case though i switched to BitComet 0.63
    and stopped using uTorrent for now
    until the voices shows the real fact.

    what do you think guys? :frown:
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    Im thinking Bitcomet and Azureus are looking mighty sweet me i use Azureus the wole p2p file sharing thing is just one big money grab those poor billion doller companys are loseing 1mill of there anual profits and they sure as hell dont like it :D sigh gready sob's
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    [FONT=&quot]I have used G3 torrent for a very long time in internet years and decided the other day to give utorrent a go because it has that encrypted key thingy, or whatever it is that stops ISP's throttling. Cut a long story short, I didn't think it was that great.
    It doesn't have a web interface; I use an old computer for torrent stuff.
    It would keep downloads connected and the little traffic light thing never changed above orange despite me having opened the relevant ports. I even tried upnp, red light on that.
    It also lost all the unfinished downloads when I closed it. No-doubt I could fix some of those things, but why bother?
    Coal, they aren't losing money. They are/will be making Billions. Do you think that itunes would be selling music, TV shows, now movies (I think). Or all of those thousands of other services would be at the level they are today if people hadn't started doing it themselves through p2p. BBC and skybybroadband services (the ones i can remember) use bittorrent software for distribution saving them millions in data bills. All thanks to us "criminals"
    But lets not get into that.


    CALIGULA Guest

    uTorrent was my favorite client of choice been using it
    for a very long time along with BitComet (which never failed me).
    i also get the orange light even if download/upload is fine
    however it becomes green once there is INCOMING connection
    or an I flag. my modem doesnt have router just plain adsl modem
    so i speak of my own experience.

    i guess the point is uTorrent is the only client not eating
    so much resources unlike say Azareus, also its extremely stable
    and worked a charm.
    said that every pc is different and each user use and praise
    the client that work best for him.

    the news about uTorrent in the slyck homepage can cause
    some worries. this is why i wont use uTorrent until
    better information surface about the matter.
    also about Encryption...Azareus and Bitcomet have them too,
    in Azareus 2402 (latest) encryption "RC4-60" is enabled by default
    and you can find it if you enable INTERMEDIATE mode,
    while bitcomet 0.63 (latest) is set to Auto somewhere in the preferences.
    but that's beyond this topic so i dont wanna stray far
    from it. :)
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