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Why cant they put CS game physics in other games??
Member Guru
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Default Why cant they put CS game physics in other games?? - 06-27-2004, 10:52 | posts: 140 | Location: CALI

Just curious i love the way the hitboxes, recoil, movement etc are represented in CS. I wish they would do the same in other games. Example True Crime Streets of LA. I just bought the game and i love it but i was thinking instead of having a accuracy point of view, you just push the accuracy shot button and then you go into CS point of view and can strafe HS people with ease as long as you have good aim. I think it would be loads of fun. Same for say Freedom fighters
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The Lonely Guru
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Default 06-27-2004, 13:06 | posts: 2,635 | Location: Manila

freedom fighters has bad accuracy
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David Deed
Don Alfa Terga Inconiti
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Default 06-27-2004, 20:02 | posts: 2,240 | Location: North America

what? cs has horrible hit boxes and ridiculous accuracy.

Call of Duty, now there is a game with proper hit boxes
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Master Guru
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Default 06-27-2004, 20:12 | posts: 642

Doom3 is gunna do away with hitboxes and do per-poly hit detection.
Theoretically, you could make a mod where if you shoot a guy in the leg, his leg would get injured, slowing them down and altering the animation.

Screw the CS hitboxes, they're complete rubbish. It just doesnt work when you use bounding boxes on very concave objects like character models.
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Master Guru
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Default 06-27-2004, 23:52 | posts: 586 | Location: Lowell MA

Theoretically, you could make a mod where if you shoot a guy in the leg, his leg would get injured, slowing them down and altering the animation.

It's not a theory, RogueSpear/UrbanOperations did it.
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Ancient Guru
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Default 06-28-2004, 01:32 | posts: 3,109 | Location: England

It happened in Deus ex...although in DXIW due to dummification it was removed.
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