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Old MSI P45 Neo 3 Board cycling shutdown after start
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Unhappy Old MSI P45 Neo 3 Board cycling shutdown after start - 08-07-2014, 19:05 | posts: 97 | Location: PA

Ok, before I go to eBay to look for another of the same board, I'm interested in some advised. I have an old MSI P45 Neo 3 board with the Intel P45 chipset with a Core 2 Duo 3GHz chip. Been using it as a Hackingtosh loaded with OSX Mountain Lion for a while. Don't worry, we're not talking about the OSX here. Now last week, I noticed the system would shut down and rebooted on its own. After witnessing a few times, I thought the PSU might be bad so tried a different one but the same thing happened. Next I pulled the CPU fan and applied a new coating of thermal paste on and after that, it would shutdown and power back on even faster, sometime it would shut down while I'm in BIOS. I did other stuffs like swapping out video card, pulled all memory sticks out except 1 in and tried different slot but still the same. So I went to ebay and purchased another stock heatsink/fan but it is doing the same thing. I also reseated the CPU as well and the CPU temp is around 46C.

Now my question is, do I have a bad motherboard or possibly CPU? My gut feeling is that the board is going bad. I checked the board and didn't found any bad capacitor at all. I also know that if a CPU is bad then the system wouldn't go POST at all. Should I try to find another MSI P45 Neo 3 board? I didn't want to spend a lot of money on it since this is more or less a learning project for me. I'm not sure if looking for a P45 chipset board from another brand will allow me to boot up to OSX so I think I might have to look for the exact MSI board like the one I have.

Thanks for any info.
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