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Videocards - 3dfx How the mighty have fallen. Unfortunately the company is gone, but of course we still support the products. Use this forum to discuss anything concerning products using 3dfx chips from the Voodoo series.

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Default 08-17-2001, 22:40 | posts: n/a

Hi all..<br>
I use a Voodoo 3 3000 with an old 14" Monitor (800x600 max. resolution).<br>
I have the allowPALCrt hack in the registry but if I switch to TV-OUT<br>
the monitor is only flickering and switches back to Monitor (TV-OUT works for the 15 seconds)<br>
Is there a way to use that old monitor with TV-OUT enabled ??<br>
maybe changing the timings in registry or something ?<br>
Or... is there a utility to switch between monitor and TV-OUT with a keyboard-shortcut.<br>
The TV is in another room and I had to run 20 times from TV to computer to move the mouse to the right position to turn TV-OUT again.<br>
Any help would be great. I used a lot search-engines for this problem.....
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Maha Guru
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Default 08-18-2001, 08:49 | posts: 1,930 | Location: Malaysia

The TV out and VGA out on Voodoo3 were synchronize. That mean output to tv and monitor are same. Resolution, Refresh rate and color depth. Most TV only support resolution max of 800x600@30Hz while Voodoo3 TV out support up to 800x600@60Hz. Thats why your monitor become flickering. Does your monitor support PNP? Or do it have any drivers? Try to change your monitor res to 640x480 & refrest rate to 'optimum' first. See if it works.
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