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Your best 5 hardware purchases ever
Ancient Guru
moab600's Avatar
Videocard: GTX 780 AMP 1267/7300MHZ
Processor: Core I7 4790K 4.6GHZ DC
Mainboard: Asus Z97 PRO 1204
Memory: 8GB DDRIII 1866MHZ
Soundcard: Asus Xonar STX II Z906
PSU: SeaSonic M12II 650W 85+Br
Default Your best 5 hardware purchases ever - 11-08-2013, 14:32 | posts: 4,428 | Location: Israel

hi interested to hear what was ur top 5 hardware buys from any given time... i start

1)Intel Core I7 2700K-i don't think i need to explain why, this is the best cpu i ever bought and one of the best cpus ever made, it only cons was the price but for so much features and performance, it's not a cons. i would give it a perfect score.

2)NVIDIA Geforce GTX 680- yes the best card i ever bougt(besides 780), while the 780 is better and still impressive, the 680 gave me a great time of gaming, no stutters, high fps, high detail, 3D Vision and lately shadowplay, it made many friend look at me big smile on their face saying "we want your card in our system NOW :d "

3)Samsung S23A700D- this is the best 3d monitor i ever seen per the price u pay(bought it in 2k12) the quality of everything is PERFECT, the 3D is TOP notch(if u have quality 3d of course), not much else to say this is one of the few monitor that i would perfect them, besides of watching angels which is TN problem.

4)ATI Radeon 9550- back in 2005 when i was like 16, i saw the FX war of nvidia(or fail ), i bought FX5200 and FX5500 and was recommended by Guru community to buy R9550, so i did. the card was amazing, despite my slow P4 1.7GHZ that i had then, games played ok specially F.E.A.R i was so happy with the card.

5)ATI Radeon HD5850- one of the best cards ever made, served me very well and was worth replacement on the 4850
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Videocard: ASUS GTX760 OC
Processor: i5 2500K@4GHz
Mainboard: ASUS P8Z68V-PRO
Memory: 8GB Vengeance DDR3-1600
PSU: Antec EA500
Default 11-08-2013, 14:51 | posts: 326 | Location: CANADA

For me:

1) 3dfx Voodoo3 3000 16MB (great gaming card)
2) i5 2500K (CPU is arguably the best SB released!)
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Ancient Guru
-Tj-'s Avatar
Videocard: ZOTAC GTX780 OC AmpFan
Processor: i7 4770K OC 4.7 @ 1.28v
Mainboard: ASUS Z87 Deluxe
Memory: Crucial BLE 16GB 2400MHz
Soundcard: Creative X-Fi Titanium HD
PSU: Chieftec NTRO88+ 650W
Default 11-08-2013, 14:54 | posts: 7,569 | Location: Urban`Jungle

1) 4770k, got a great sample @ 4.7ghz 1.276v can't complain and its very cool in games too.

2) 8800GTS 320MB, was my first real high-end gpu

3) Sega Mega Drive, top console back in 90's

4) Nokia 3310, oldschool was great back then

5) MSI 570GTX TF3, hell of a OC'er and it keeps delivering (2.5 years now)

Last edited by -Tj-; 11-10-2013 at 22:29. Reason: added the rest :)
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Maha Guru
Videocard: 2 EVGA Titans SLI
Processor: i7 4930K @4.4ghz.
Mainboard: Asus x79 RIVE
Memory: 16 gigs ddr3 @ 2400
Soundcard: ROG Xonar Phoebus
PSU: 1200 Watt
Default 11-08-2013, 15:10 | posts: 1,960 | Location: Sault Ste. Marie Ont. CA

ATI Radeon 9800XT. I still have it.
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Master Guru
xodius80's Avatar
Videocard: GWF3 7950 1100/1250
Processor: i7 920@4.2 (21*200blck)
Mainboard: FOXCONN Flaming Blade GTI
Memory: Corsair CM3X2G1600C9 6GB
Soundcard: Essence ST@Koss PortaPro
PSU: Corsair GS800
Default 11-08-2013, 15:15 | posts: 546 | Location: Ecuador

for me is:

My i7 920: i used to own lots of procs back in the day from P2 TO amd k6, celerons A300, but the only one that showed we night and day performance was this. Util this very day the i7920 oc@ 4.2 hasent showed me any sign of bottle necks, or performance issues, and reading reviews of new plataforms like haswell etc, i dont see any upgrade from my part.

3DFX VOODOO2 SLI: OMG i miss 3dfx so much, ive never experienced such smooth gameplay in pc, not even now, the glide api was such a good thing to arrive for gaming, i hope mantle goes the same path but with success.
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Ancient Guru
BLEH!'s Avatar
Videocard: 7970 CF @ Stock
Processor: 980X @ 4 GHz
Mainboard: ASUS P6T7 WS-SC
Memory: 12 GB Corsair @ 1866 MHz
Soundcard: Saffire Pro40/KRK Rokit 5
PSU: Enermax Revo 1500W
Default 11-08-2013, 15:16 | posts: 4,820 | Location: London

1) Xeon W3680 (980X). Awesome chip, basically a Xeon 980X for half the price. Clocks to 4.5 GHz at stock voltage (HT off). Just upgraded to SB-E, so it's sadly been retired, but still an epically awesome chip.

2) Enermax MaxRevo 1500W PSU. Rock solid PSU, never missed a beat.

3) Dell U2711 27" 2560 x 1440 monitor. This one should speak for itself, made gaming all the more pleasurable.

4) 5970. My first proper high-end, up-to-date GFX card. That thing was an absolute monster, but sadly a single OCed 7970 was faster, and 2 is faster still .

5) TBD... I'll think of something to go here.
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Ancient Guru
nhlkoho's Avatar
Videocard: EVGA GTX770 4GB FTW
Processor: i7 4770k
Mainboard: Asus Z87 Plus
Memory: Veng. Pro 16GB DDR3-1866
Soundcard: SB X-FI Fatality
Default 11-08-2013, 15:16 | posts: 4,730 | Location: Washington DC

1. i7 920 - by far the best CPU I ever owned. It ran cool and overclocked pretty well. It also lasted almost 5 years and I still had no problems playing any games. I just recently upgraded to the 4770k.

2. 8800GT - no explanation needed

3. HAF-X - I used to only buy mid tower cases because I never really have the space to put a full tower case. But I got tired of constantly cutting my fingers when I was replacing hardware. This case is massive and the cooling capabilities are great too.

4. 1x CD-ROM and Soundblaster 16 - I bought these in 1993 specifically to play the PC game Mad Dog McCree on Windows 3.1.

Can't think of another that would qualify as the best

Honorable Mention - BFG Ageia Physx card. This card worked with exactly one game and one demo. It was amazing! /sarcasm
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Ancient Guru
alanm's Avatar
Videocard: MSI TF GTX 770
Processor: i5-3570k
Mainboard: Asrock Z77 Pro4
Memory: 8gb G.Skill DDR3 1600
Soundcard: SB Zx
PSU: XFX Pro 750w
Default 11-08-2013, 15:23 | posts: 5,503

e6400 Conroe
8800 gts 640mb
Samsung SA27950D monitor
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Master Guru
Videocard: 2x Sapphire 7970 "OC"
Processor: Intel i7-4770K @ Stock
Mainboard: Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD3H
Memory: Corsair Vengeance 16GB
Soundcard: Build in crap!
PSU: XFX ProSeries BE 1050W
Default 11-08-2013, 17:14 | posts: 175 | Location: Norway

1. Intel I7 920 D0 (Best buy to date)
2. AMD Athlon 64 3000+
3. Intel I7 4770K
4. Radeon HD4870x2 (first high end card i bought)
5. Radeon HD7970 "OC"

Honorable mention
1. Nvidia Gforce 6800 LE
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Chuck Norris
StewieTech's Avatar
Videocard: MSI 270x [1200/6000]
Processor: i5 4670k [4.4]
Mainboard: AsRock z87 Extreme3
Memory: Kingston 8GB [1600]
Soundcard: Asus Xonar DG
Default 11-08-2013, 17:35 | posts: 1,301 | Location: Portugal

1- 3570k - 180, brutal performance, my first true enthusiast cpu.
2- Superlux HD 681B - payed 12 for these headphones; oh my i feel like i rob the store.
3- Nvidia gts 250 - back in the day this is when i went from onboard to dedicated so it has a special place in my heart.
4- NZXT Tempest 410 Elite - my current case, basically the only decent(and pretty good i must say) case from the 7 cases i owned.
5- Asus Striker II Formula - back in the day i just loved to own this fukar.
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Ancient Guru
eclap's Avatar
Videocard: HD7950 CFX + Qnix QX2710
Processor: i5 2500k @4.5 1.2v
Mainboard: Asus P8Z77-V Pro
Memory: 8GB G-Skill RipjawsX 1600
Soundcard: SB Z/Aune T1/AD700/DT880
PSU: XFX Black 750W 80+ Gold
Default 11-08-2013, 17:36 | posts: 26,082 | Location: Hampshire UK

  • i5 2500k
  • nvidia 8800gtx
  • Atari 2600
  • Amiga 600
  • Voodoo 3Dfx

Last edited by eclap; 11-11-2013 at 23:41.
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Maha Guru
otaku's Avatar
Videocard: 8800,640gts sli
Processor: e2200
Mainboard: p5n-e sli
Memory: geil ddr2 800mhz 2x1gb
Soundcard: audigy2 platinum-creative
PSU: enermax 485 noise taker
Default 11-08-2013, 17:48 | posts: 1,804 | Location: WestYorkshire

in no specific order


8800gts 640

DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D 939 / 3200 OC to 3ghz combo
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Master Guru
Videocard: 2x Sapphire 7970 "OC"
Processor: Intel i7-4770K @ Stock
Mainboard: Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD3H
Memory: Corsair Vengeance 16GB
Soundcard: Build in crap!
PSU: XFX ProSeries BE 1050W
Default 11-08-2013, 17:54 | posts: 175 | Location: Norway

Originally Posted by otaku View Post
DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D 939 / 3200 OC to 3ghz combo
Remember i drooled allover thoes boards.. never got the plesure to own one myself :/
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Ancient Guru
IcE's Avatar
Videocard: Zotac GTX 780
Processor: i5 3570K @4.0
Mainboard: ASRock Z77 Extreme6
Memory: 8GB G.Skill Sniper 1866
Soundcard: SBZ + Aune T1 + CAL
PSU: Enermax NAXN 82+ 750W
Default 11-08-2013, 18:01 | posts: 9,095 | Location: Toledo

Phenom 2 955 C2 - This chip was a beast when it came out, and I ran it happily for years. You can still game fine on one of these bad boys. Mine was a great clocker too.

Voodoo 3000 16MB - I happily remember playing Starsiege Tribes maxed out for days at a time with this baby. One of my favorite cards.

HD4850 512MB - This was my first real gaming card and foray into a "real" system. Ran like a champ for quite a long time, apart from a few driver niggles.

EVGA GTX 470 - This card ran great from day one and clocked very well indeed. Never had one single issue with it.

Corsair Vengeance C70 - Best case I've built a computer in, period. That's not even considering that I love it aesthetically.
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Maha Guru
otaku's Avatar
Videocard: 8800,640gts sli
Processor: e2200
Mainboard: p5n-e sli
Memory: geil ddr2 800mhz 2x1gb
Soundcard: audigy2 platinum-creative
PSU: enermax 485 noise taker
Default 11-08-2013, 18:04 | posts: 1,804 | Location: WestYorkshire

it was back when i had money to spend. it was a world ahead of the asus P8N32-SLI Deluxe i ended up with.

Last edited by otaku; 11-08-2013 at 18:08.
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Maha Guru
boodikon's Avatar
Videocard: Leadtek 8800 GTS 640mb (600 core)
Processor: Amd 64 X2 4400+ @ 2.4 Ghz 2mb cache
Mainboard: Asus A8N SLI-Deluxe Nforce4
Memory: 4 x 512mb PC4000 Crucial Ballistix
Soundcard: Audigy 2 ZS
PSU: Tagan 480w silent psu
Default 11-08-2013, 18:18 | posts: 2,727 | Location: England

My first pc build and that card made it for me.
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Ancient Guru
PhazeDelta1's Avatar
Videocard: EVGA 770 Classified
Processor: Intel i7 4770k
Mainboard: Asus Sabertooth Z87
Memory: 16GB Corsair 2133MHz
Soundcard: Creative SB Z
PSU: Seasonic X-850
Default 11-08-2013, 18:29 | posts: 13,373 | Location: USA

here's my 5

EVGA 295 Red Edition


My no name 75Hz Korean monitor. Probably one of, if not the best monitor I have ever purchased. I bought it in South Korea when I was visiting there a couple years ago and still use it to this day.

3930K. It took a few tries, but I finally ended up with a golden one. I wouldn't part with it for anything.

My SLI MSI 580 Lightning Extremes. Although my dislike for MSI still stands, I got these in a trade. They were by far the best cards I've ever used at the time.
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Ancient Guru
CPC_RedDawn's Avatar
Videocard: 3GB HD7970OC/2GB HD7770
Processor: 4770K@4.5GHz/Q6600@3.6GHz
Mainboard: Z87-GD65 / P5K PREMIUM
Memory: 16GB@1866MHz/4GB@1066MHz
Soundcard: Creative SoundBlaster Z
PSU: 1200W/900W
Default 11-08-2013, 18:31 | posts: 5,814 | Location: Wolverhampton/United Kingdom

In no particular order

BFG 8800GTX OC (one of the best GPU's I ever owned!)

Intel Core 2 Q6600 G0 (overclocked like a champ to 3.6GHz and lastest me ages)

Arctic Accelero Xtreme Plus GPU Cooler, for 45 delivered from Arctic themselves this thing is probably the best imo. Itr dropped temps on my GTX480 by easily 25C and I was able to overclock and keep temps at 65C max.

Asus P5K Premium Wifi-AP Motherboard. Easily the best mobo I ever owned, I had an Nvidia 680i SLi board before it and the board was terrible couldn't overclock my Q6600 at all. Got this Asus board which cost half the price and it overclocked it within a few clicks and was rock solid stable.

Lately I would have to say my Zowie EC Pro gaming mouse by fat the best mouse I ever owned and I have owned and tried A LOT!
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Maha Guru
Deathchild's Avatar
Videocard: HD7950CFX+Qnix2710
Processor: 3770K@4.8GHz delid
Mainboard: Gigabyte Z77X D3H 1.1
Memory: C Vengeance 8GB 1866
Soundcard: VIA VT2021
PSU: Seasonic Platinum 760W
Default 11-08-2013, 18:54 | posts: 1,924 | Location: Estonia

GTX 260 sp 216

E8400 @ 4.0

Silver Power SP-SS650W

Gigabyte HD7950 (best videocard purchase ever)
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Ancient Guru
Anarion's Avatar
Videocard: ASUS GeForce GTX 780 DC2
Processor: Intel Core i7 3770K
Mainboard: ASUS P8Z77-V
Memory: G.SKILL RipjawsX 16 GB
Soundcard: Sound Blaster Zx + HD 595
PSU: SF Golden Green Pro 600W
Default 11-08-2013, 19:15 | posts: 10,822 | Location: Finland

Gainward Riva TNT2 Pro 32MB. That was absolutely MASSIVE upgrade from ATI RageIIc 4MB.
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Master Guru
Videocard: EVGA GTX660Ti 2GB SC
Processor: Intel Core i5 4690K
Mainboard: ASUS Max_Gene VII [Z97]
Memory: Corsair V LP 16GB 2133MHz
Soundcard: nV HDMI Sony STR-DN1030
PSU: be quiet! DP 550W 80+Gold
Default 11-08-2013, 19:25 | posts: 156

Super Nintendo
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Master Guru
Videocard: GTX780 FTW 1215/6800
Processor: i7 4790K @4.2 1.124v
Mainboard: Asus Z97-A
Memory: PNY 16gb 1600mhz
Soundcard: X-Fi XtremeGamer
Default 11-08-2013, 19:26 | posts: 216 | Location: Boston, MA

I could go on for a while

1. Brand new unlocked HTC One for $300
2. 6600GT
3. Any Corsair PSU, 850TX four years running strong
4. I bought an i7 940 bundled with an Asus P6T four years ago, still going like a champ
5. HD5870
6. Brand New 4th gen 64gb Ipod Touch for $275
7. Put an Samsung 830 and 8gb ram in a $350 Samsung laptop last year, runs awesome now
8. GTX680
9. Powmax Demon ll case, allowed my old P4 rig to stop shutting down from heat lol
10. My old Acer H233H 1080p monitor 4 1/2 years old now, been through way too much
11. Stepping up from an 8800GTS to a GTX
12. Athlon 3500+

Last edited by Comrade_Jerkov; 11-08-2013 at 19:45.
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Master Guru
Videocard: EVGA GTX660Ti 2GB SC
Processor: Intel Core i5 4690K
Mainboard: ASUS Max_Gene VII [Z97]
Memory: Corsair V LP 16GB 2133MHz
Soundcard: nV HDMI Sony STR-DN1030
PSU: be quiet! DP 550W 80+Gold
Default 11-08-2013, 19:35 | posts: 156

Galaxy S2
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Ancient Guru
SLI-756's Avatar
Videocard: EVGA 760 SLI 4gb @1215
Processor: Devil's Canyon i5 @4.9
Mainboard: gigabyte z97 G1 Sniper
Memory: 8gb dominator gt @2400
Soundcard: asus xonar dx
PSU: xfx 850
Default 11-08-2013, 19:38 | posts: 7,191 | Location: Sunny Scotland

first vanilla asus 580 (I was a first adopter), had a directCUii not long afterwards to keep it company)

current 680 classy (after unwinder's tricks (the Creator of afterburner) my card could take 1.4v and I seen it go beyond 1.4ghz)

Samsung 840pro (impressive speed over my corsair force gt)

3570k (it's getting a tad older now but in it's day it would play nice with cinebench)

2500k (classic)
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Ancient Guru
k3vst3r's Avatar
Videocard: Tri-fire 290x Qnix 120Hz
Processor: i7 4770k 4.6
Mainboard: Asus Maximus Hero VI
Memory: 4x4GB 2400
Soundcard: SB X-FI Titanium
PSU: Corsair AX1200i
Default 11-08-2013, 19:40 | posts: 3,020 | Location: Sheffield UK

9700 pro
470 GTX
Various SSD's

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