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Having problems with a gtx 260. Artifacts and crashes on "idle" desktop.
Videocard: Nvidia GTX 260
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8500
PSU: cooler master ucp 700w
Default Having problems with a gtx 260. Artifacts and crashes on "idle" desktop. - 09-17-2013, 12:06 | posts: 2

I get random flickering. When trying to run a program that can be taxing I get artifacting that is usually followed by a long black screen or a crash. If it black screens and recovers I get this message.

"Display driver Nvidia Windows Kernel Mode driver, 326.80 has stopped responding and has successfully recovered."

Temperatures: I beleive these temperatures to be correct.
CPU: 34c
Mainboard: 33c
Video card: 57c(idle)-67(gameplay)
Hard disk: 32c

To my knowledge I have re installed the driver. However I am going to try that again since I don't think it was successful. I have heard i should go back to an older version but I don't know how to do that. I also ran a successful system restore to a date prior to the issues, but the problems persist.

The other main issue is that the CPU usage will spike from 1%-100% with "nothing" running. As i am typing this it sits at 60% for two min, then drops to 10% for two min, then back up to 60%, repeat, repeat, repeat, every two minutes. memory usage runs around 1-1.4 GB idle ( i have 4GB total).
---System Idle Process on CPU jumps between ~09, ~40, ~80

The problem started yesterday when i was playing the "optimized" Rome II total war. I was finally able to play it with an average 20fps. My dumb ass ran the computer like that for around 6 hours. By the 6th hour the fps dropped drastically followed by artifacting and then a crash. I am assuming it got too hot, but hasn't run very hot since then.
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Master Guru
Videocard: nVIDIA Titan X
Processor: Intel 5820K
Mainboard: Asus Maximus V Extreme
Memory: Crucial Ballistix Elite
Soundcard: Astro Gaming A50
PSU: eVGA Platinum 1200W
Default 09-17-2013, 23:50 | posts: 542 | Location: Northern California

Does not appear to be a temperature problem, those #s are fine.

Check your PSU, cables, or another one if you have one.
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Ancient Guru
lucidus's Avatar
Videocard: MSI Gaming X GTX 1070
Processor: i7 6700K 4.5Ghz 1.28v
Mainboard: Asus Maximus 8 Hero
Memory: Vengeance 32GB 3000Mhz
Soundcard: Onboard + H/K Soundsticks
PSU: 850W EVGA Supernova
Default 09-17-2013, 23:53 | posts: 9,974

Make sure your PC is free from malware. If it is clean, remove all nvidia drivers through the control panel and/or Device Manager until Windows installs the Standard VGA driver and then install 314.22. Set aside Rome 2, it's a broken POS.
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Videocard: Nvidia GTX 260
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8500
PSU: cooler master ucp 700w
Default 09-18-2013, 04:19 | posts: 2

Fixed a few problems.
1. Graphics card was bad. I switched it out with an old gt 430 and the artifacting/flickering stopped. However, the cpu was still running like before. I've had this problem a long time ago on windows xp, and when running a heavily modded minecraft game. MY roommate said it might be a "memory leak".

2. To fix said memory leak I uninstalled windows 7 32bit and re-installed the much needed 64 bit version. That fixed the problem, but that method usually solves all software problems. while copying all the files before the re-install I went down to tiger direct for a special they were running on the gt 630 for $39 and stuck that on the board.

3. All said and done the the new GPU and OS fixed the issue.

I ran a full malware scan prior to the re-install and still had cpu issues. Also checked the paths on psu and they seemed fine as well. I have no idea how to fix a memory leak issue without re-installing the OS. If anyone has a recommendation I will write it down for the inevitable future occurrence.
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100% cpu, artifact, core 2 duo e8500, gtx 260, nvidia 326.80 driver

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