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Facebook going too far?
The Lonely Guru
Jhetski's Avatar
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Default Facebook going too far? - 08-21-2013, 14:28 | posts: 2,635 | Location: Manila

I just uploaded an image and voila, it was automatically tagged. How in the hell does FB know who's who?
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Ancient Guru
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Default 08-21-2013, 14:37 | posts: 9,983

Face recognition, Google Picasa has had it for a few years. You can opt yourself out of it, so you can't/won't be auto tagged by others.
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Ancient Guru
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Default 08-21-2013, 15:36 | posts: 3,842 | Location: florida

it the nsa man
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Ancient Guru
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Default 08-21-2013, 16:56 | posts: 4,906 | Location: UK

Uninstalled the app now that it started sending me notifications just because random people on my friends list update their status/share something :/
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Ancient Guru
John's Avatar
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Default 08-21-2013, 17:06 | posts: 16,763 | Location: Above the Arctic Circle, Norway

Originally Posted by Doug View Post
Uninstalled the app now that it started sending me notifications just because random people on my friends list update their status/share something :/
I had that too, but you can disable it. Untick "activity I have missed" under notifications.

And OP, as already said, disable face recognition.

Facebook is what you make of it yourself. There's plenty of options and ways to have things under control.
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Ancient Guru
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Default 08-21-2013, 17:07 | posts: 7,480 | Location: Canada, Quebec

The day that Facebook will auto tag me as Mr. Bigtime. Terrifying.
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Ancient Guru
Anarion's Avatar
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Default 08-21-2013, 17:18 | posts: 12,915 | Location: Finland

That feature is not available in EU because it was illegal.
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Ancient Guru
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Default 08-21-2013, 17:20 | posts: 20,718 | Location: Turkey

Originally Posted by Wanny View Post
The day that Facebook will auto tag me as Mr. Bigtime. Terrifying.
Rude . Only a camel may fit your recognition.
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Speed Weed
Maha Guru
Videocard: GTX 260+
Processor: Core i5 2500K @ 4.7
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Default 08-21-2013, 17:43 | posts: 1,066 | Location: Somewhere in Scotland

It's all about money, according to Zuckerberg.
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The General
Ancient Guru
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Default 08-21-2013, 20:55 | posts: 3,084 | Location: Los Angeles, CA | Maryland, Dundalk

what's tag mean?
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Ancient Guru
airbud7's Avatar
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Default 08-21-2013, 23:41 | posts: 4,278 | Location: Beech Island SC,USA

Originally Posted by The General View Post
what's tag mean?
Its you and your GF chase each other around the room, Naked...
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PhazeDelta1's Avatar
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Default 08-21-2013, 23:45 | posts: 15,653 | Location: USA

Originally Posted by airbud7 View Post
Its you and your GF chase each other around the room, Naked...
naked tag is awesome.
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Ancient Guru
Palerider's Avatar
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PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower700
Default 08-22-2013, 05:07 | posts: 4,368 | Location: Toledo Ohio

I hate to think all the people I've photo bombed suddenly have my name now
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Ancient Guru
FULMTL's Avatar
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Default 08-22-2013, 09:12 | posts: 6,704 | Location: Portland, Oregon

How do they tell Asians apart?
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Ancient Guru
BLEH!'s Avatar
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Default 08-22-2013, 10:29 | posts: 5,630 | Location: THE NORTH!!!

Originally Posted by FULMTL View Post
How do they tell Asians apart?
Can't asians tell other asians apart, like Western people can with each other? I thought it was a racial thing.
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