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AMD Volcanic Islands coming late 2013
Hilbert Hagedoorn
Don Vito Corleone
Hilbert Hagedoorn's Avatar
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Default AMD Volcanic Islands coming late 2013 - 05-08-2013, 12:40 | posts: 29,511 | Location: Guru3D testlab

AMD seems to be making some changes for Sea islands in order to respond to Nvidia's Kepler revision. This new GPUÂ* family is now codenamed "Volcanic Islands" and is slated for late 2013,...

AMD Volcanic Islands coming late 2013
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Darren Hodgson
Ancient Guru
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Default 05-08-2013, 12:46 | posts: 14,916 | Location: England

A much better time to release new cards IMO with the new next generation consoles due for release around that time as well as Battlefield 4. NVIDIA releasing the 700 series this month is honestly a bit pointless, the GTX 770 especially so, as there are no games coming out that warrant an upgrade (and, no, I don't think Metro: Last Light will be a good enough reason either based on the mediocre original).

Last edited by Darren Hodgson; 05-08-2013 at 16:34.
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Ancient Guru
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Default 05-08-2013, 13:14 | posts: 11,512 | Location: UK

Now thats more interesting than Nvidias 6 series re-release

Hawaii sounds like a beast!

Last edited by Rich_Guy; 05-08-2013 at 13:16.
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Maha Guru
StewieTech's Avatar
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Default 05-08-2013, 13:23 | posts: 1,951 | Location: Portugal

In the article says "HD 9970", wouldn´t it be HD8970 or i´m missing something?
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Default 05-08-2013, 13:32 | posts: 6,559

Originally Posted by StewieTech View Post
In the article says "HD 9970", wouldn´t it be HD8970 or i´m missing something?
Presumably they won't re-use the 8k series. Those are OEM parts that are currently available.
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Default 05-08-2013, 14:55 | posts: 17 | Location: lisbon

I think the main interesting upgrade will be the memory bus, much more so than the plain clocking capability
384 is already great, 512 will leave nvidia in the dust
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Master Guru
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Default 05-08-2013, 15:18 | posts: 273 | Location: Berlin

Jeez.. that chip looks like a beast
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Maha Guru
Loobyluggs's Avatar
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Processor: Intel 3770k
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Default 05-08-2013, 15:19 | posts: 2,245 | Location: UK

Be interesting to read more on this.

Anyone else think we're kinda hitting the limits now? I can't see much more demand for more power/GPU performance now.

1080P gaming and DX11 have got the goods which developers seem to be plumping for - can't see this changing anytime soon, esp. since M$ and Sony are going to release 1080P games consoles this year.

What are new graphics cards going to bring us that we don't have now?

Don't get me wrong, I ***9829; new technology - but for gaming (unless there is a new DX-xx on its way real soon, which might be something M$ has up its sleeve for the new xbox) I really have no clues as to what increased performance can bring us right now.

A reduction in the cost of 1080P GPU cards would be much more welcome to the market right now than more GPU power which few will use.
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Maha Guru
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Default 05-08-2013, 15:30 | posts: 1,077 | Location: Greece

Wow some very nice specs there this time around i think i will be going for an AMD card for the very first time and i don't mind waiting until the end of 2013 as i wont be able to upgrade until then..and to Loobyluggs for me you can never have enough GPU power.....and there's no need for a new dx as no title is making full use of dx11..yet
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Ancient Guru
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PSU: CM850W / 1300 HCP
Default 05-08-2013, 16:10 | posts: 3,017 | Location: UK

Those specs look pretty awesome! But I've only just bought a 7970 and until I buy a Monitor that runs at least 1440p I don't need it. Not to mention the top flight GPU (8970) will likely cost around £500 at launch.

People running 1600p screens cards like this are going to be a no brainer, I wonder how 4K would run on this GPU!
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Ancient Guru
moab600's Avatar
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Default 05-08-2013, 17:09 | posts: 5,931 | Location: Israel

sounds impressive but we see what maxwell will bring out, i hope 512bit as well. should be interesting...
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Master Guru
Titan29's Avatar
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Default 05-08-2013, 17:21 | posts: 288 | Location: Canada

Impressive specs, if true.

Two Concerns regarding Hawaii:

1. If it is 28 nm, then die size will be huge which means more power consumption, heat etc.
2. Might be priced close to $1000 (which is likely given 2x 7970 specs and estimated perf close to 7990).
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Master Guru
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Default 05-08-2013, 17:28 | posts: 657

awesome. but, we don't need that amount horsepower anytime soon.
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Default 05-08-2013, 17:41 | posts: 17 | Location: Australia

4K resolution seems to be like the future which will warrant the video memory.
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Ancient Guru
-Tj-'s Avatar
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PSU: Nitro88+ 650W 52A
Default 05-08-2013, 17:51 | posts: 13,828 | Location: Proxima \/82

Nice this looks like a perfect upgrade.

To those questioning its perf. there is never enough powaah!! Yes even at 1080P and newer titles.

Although im a bit confused about this part

16 serial processor units
4 geometry engines

So in reality it will have 16*4 = 64 CU?

Also i think it will be 20nm, AMD has 3 fabs to chose from so there wont be any delays because of it.

Last edited by -Tj-; 05-08-2013 at 17:54.
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Ancient Guru
Undying's Avatar
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Default 05-08-2013, 17:53 | posts: 9,667 | Location: Serbia, NS

Ho, ho...AMD is getting serious.
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Master Guru
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Default 05-08-2013, 17:58 | posts: 352 | Location: Birmingham

It makes me laugh when 1080p gamers say they dont need anymore gpu
WHat about 2560/5760 res users?

And these next gen consoles are going to be a joke compared to what the pc gamers have been using over the last 3 years (eyefinity).

MoRe gpu and video memory please. Would be nice to run 3x2560 ips screens at 120fps with one gpu.


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Ancient Guru
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Default 05-08-2013, 17:59 | posts: 8,427 | Location: FLA,USA

Here's hoping Hawaii destroys Titan at the $500-600 price point.
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Elder III
Ancient Guru
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PSU: CM Silent Pro 1000W
Default 05-08-2013, 18:03 | posts: 3,279 | Location: Upstate New York

Looks good, but please pass the saltshaker.
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Ancient Guru
Stukov's Avatar
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Default 05-08-2013, 18:11 | posts: 4,899 | Location: Mountains of Montana

If it is in fact 20mm and the power is reasonable this will probably be my next and last upgrade for quite a few years.
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Member Guru
Videocard: Evga 980Ti EK COOLED
Processor: I7 3770K @4.5 EK COOLED
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PSU: Enermax 1250W
Default 05-08-2013, 18:16 | posts: 139 | Location: Australia

This doesn't mean jack untill they fix there CFX drivers and even there single GPU stuttering its all for nothing. I would like to go for the under dog again but there drivers are just a joke. Hope that prototype driver comes out soon.

Last edited by Angushades; 05-08-2013 at 18:19.
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Ancient Guru
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Default 05-08-2013, 18:26 | posts: 2,853

Originally Posted by Undying View Post
Ho, ho...AMD is getting serious.
I wish they would put this kind of power into cpu's tbh
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Ancient Guru
deltatux's Avatar
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Default 05-08-2013, 20:34 | posts: 19,047 | Location: Toronto, Canada

Was going to get a Radeon HD 7870 during the summer but if this were to be true, screw it, I'm getting the Radeon HD 9870 (or whatever it's going to be called) instead based on price and availability this winter.

Originally Posted by Angushades View Post
This doesn't mean jack untill they fix there CFX drivers and even there single GPU stuttering its all for nothing. I would like to go for the under dog again but there drivers are just a joke. Hope that prototype driver comes out soon.
Got no single GPU stuttering going on here, what game are you referring to? Could just be game specific. I've been running my Radeon HD 6870 with no issues with the drivers at all. Multi-GPU setups yes, I know there would be issues, even NVIDIA has SLi issues from time to time, it's just because multi-GPUs, even after a decade are pretty horrible, yes they've vastly improved but they haven't eradicated stuttering.

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Ancient Guru
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Default 05-08-2013, 20:46 | posts: 5,819

Originally Posted by Elder III View Post
Looks good, but please pass the saltshaker.
thanks, I'll take the whole bucket
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Maha Guru
H83's Avatar
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Default 05-08-2013, 21:23 | posts: 1,954 | Location: Mars

Maybe it´s just me but those specs seem to good to be true...

In case they are, then just take my money!

Last edited by H83; 05-08-2013 at 21:30.
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