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Steam to Introduce Game Subscription Plans
Hilbert Hagedoorn
Don Vito Corleone
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Default Steam to Introduce Game Subscription Plans - 04-26-2013, 11:58 | posts: 29,219 | Location: Guru3D testlab

Valve, creators of best-selling game franchises (such as Dota 2 and Half-Life) and leading technologies (such as Steam and Source,) today announced the addition of Subscription Plans to its offering o...

Steam to Introduce Game Subscription Plans
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Default 04-26-2013, 14:15 | posts: 9,098 | Location: NZ

This is a great idea, i dont play these sorta games myself, but having everything all in one place is a great idea.

What id like to see next is publishers offer keys for sale directly from their websites but with the option of a key being for the steam version or for the pubilshers own service (egrigin/Uplay).

Dont like having my games spread out through multiple programs. Never had any issues with steam, though i was a late arriving to the party for using said service so probably missed the major bugs if there where any.

I bought a pair of $14 socks today by accident, thought i grabbed a pair of the ones on special. Checked receipt when i got home and facepalmed with a shovel.
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Default 04-26-2013, 16:19 | posts: 12,065 | Location: United kingdom

So steam are cashing in on MMO's...zzZZzz no thanks.
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Default 04-26-2013, 16:30 | posts: 4,554 | Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

For a second I thought it was some "rental" scheme where you pay a fixed amount of money to play ANY game in the store for a fixed period of time
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Default 04-26-2013, 17:40 | posts: 734 | Location: Ecuador

i dont see the bad in this, this is good for bussiness for valve, makes sense, you want to play a game with a subs acc model?

you can loginto steam, and steam will deal with the payment, whats wrong with that?, and if you dont like subs acc model games, well then, SIMPLE!, dont buy them lol, they are not doing any harm to you? are they?

making an issue to something that doesnt affect your games, or your wallet, is pointless, let them do money, is what we all do in the first place.
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Default 04-26-2013, 18:10 | posts: 949 | Location: Oregon

Originally Posted by Andrés View Post
For a second I thought it was some "rental" scheme where you pay a fixed amount of money to play ANY game in the store for a fixed period of time
lol same! wouldn't that be an awesome idea though? Regardless the ability of mmos in steam is a safe addition. steam is where I play everything, definitely a central hub of gaming and innovation these days with the steam workshop and indie games.
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Default 04-29-2013, 12:25 | posts: 764 | Location: Canada

hopefully halflife 3 isnt part of the subscription plan...*vapourware?*
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