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Operating Systems Is Windows 8.1 giving you a hard time ? Wanna try out Windows 10 ?

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Win8.1 may return with start menu
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Default Win8.1 may return with start menu - 04-16-2013, 22:01 | posts: 735 | Location: Memories 4 Life

Rumours will always be rumours but this one made for a good read.
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Default 04-16-2013, 22:04 | posts: 9,477 | Location: Sector ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha

Until we get a testing version (not sure if there are any out). We can for sure say it is out because this might be a hack or a program such as Start8.
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Default 04-16-2013, 22:19 | posts: 7,066 | Location: Wolverhampton/United Kingdom

They better do this or they risk alienating majority of their loyal customers who love the current UI.
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Default 04-17-2013, 16:50 | posts: 224 | Location: Florida

Win 8 should have had an option from day 1 to either use Metro or classic Star Menu. Problem solved for those with & without a touch screen.

Anyone seen Idiocracy? There is a portion of the movie where the main character goes to the Hospital & the front desk lady has a bunch of buttons with pictures on them (38 seconds into the linked trailer) because reading & thinking has been breed out.

Windows 8 "Metro" forced Start Screen = Idiocracy imo.

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Default 04-18-2013, 06:18 | posts: 5,543 | Location: Australia

I did read this, with variations of what might appear on the Start Menu. It has been suggested it's more of an 'Apps list' than a more traditional start menu. It might just show 'Windows Apps' (which are targetting tablets/phones), although it might show standard applications too, possibly? Just don't expect a traditional start menu!
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Default 04-18-2013, 18:56 | posts: 6,484

Theres little point for them to bring back the start menu if its just an apps list. But I do hope they can improve it, ie, list things in categories and broaden it rather than long vertical lists. Would be a good for them to pick up ideas from other OS's out there.

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Default 04-27-2013, 06:03 | posts: 38

It may just be a button that brings you to metro.
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Default 04-27-2013, 06:40 | posts: 54 | Location: Japan

I only heard about Boot to Desktop and Start Button. No hints on the return of Start Menu.
Wow, so much for the revolutionary new interface huh? What next? Will they ever fix the ugly plain design? Will they replace the disgusting bootloader? Will they add window transparency and glass blur? Perhaps we'll see Windows Aero return in 8.2 lol.
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Default 04-27-2013, 18:00 | posts: 1,963

No Immersive UI (Metro) and no Windows Store, then I would consider 'upgrading' from Windows 7. Otherwise. no thanks.
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Default 04-27-2013, 18:10 | posts: 9,765 | Location: UK

Full start menu, Aero and original pricing offers at start of Win 8 launch.
I'll buy it then.

if not, too little, too late.
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Default 04-29-2013, 05:42 | posts: 373 | Location: in your nightmares

I love windows 8 now, in almost all other respects.

They just totally fudged up the interface, if they have any sense left over at the company they will change it... at least put a damned button in the corner cause it looks like total A** with nothing there but a little awkward space.

Well i least i was able to remedy that with the program "Classic Shell".
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