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View Poll Results: Do you like Quick Time Events?
Yes 15 14.02%
No 79 73.83%
Don't care 10 9.35%
What are Quick Time Events? 3 2.80%
Voters: 107. You may not vote on this poll

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Does anyone actually like Quick Time Events?
Master Guru
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Default Does anyone actually like Quick Time Events? - 03-26-2013, 17:29 | posts: 263

Well, I find myself with a paradox I can not solve without help, It's about Quick Time Events. I mean I never actually reed about anyone liking those, I also know no one who likes them, yet the QTE density in games seems to be steadily rising?!?

So are the QTE lovers simply quite people that love their Quick Time Events in silence and solitude, or do they really not exist and everyone hates QTE's like it appears when reading across gaming forums and other related places? It's a true mystery, and this pool hopefully helps solving it.

Last edited by Nichtswisser; 03-26-2013 at 17:32.
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Default 03-26-2013, 17:34 | posts: 508 | Location: Somewhere Else

I am not a fan of it and would prefer if devs resisted the need to insert it in games. For me it gives a false sensation of "epicness" making the game feel as if it is more bad ass than it should.....i just want to play the game and not some interactive movie sequence. That and game set piece moments (looking at you Tombraider) should be buried into the deepest depths of oblivion....yes i know what i said
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Default 03-26-2013, 17:37 | posts: 31,511 | Location: Hampshire, UK

in moderation, yes. they keep me on my toes. TR had just the right amount. the game failed in many other aspects though.
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Default 03-26-2013, 17:47 | posts: 13,047 | Location: Scotland

Used sparingly yeah sure, especially if failing them impacts the story or flow of the game. Like in Heavy Rain, or Shenmue (the pioneer of them, and one of the few games to do it right since).
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Default 03-26-2013, 17:47 | posts: 11,485 | Location: Finland

I really hate that "Press X to not die" stuff.
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Default 03-26-2013, 18:29 | posts: 10,009

For the most part I cannot stand them. The odd one appropriately placed is fine, depending on game type - I most definitely do not want them in an FPS for example. Sadly a lot of games now seem to have an over abundance.
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The Chubu
Maha Guru
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Default 03-26-2013, 18:34 | posts: 2,540 | Location: Look out!

Most quick time events are awful in the sense that they don't demand ANYTHING from the player.

The classic guy trying to kill you with a knife "Pres E to not get killed!" often you can stay 10min without pressing anything and nothing will happen until you press the damn button.

Its not even a "think fast!" thing anymore, just "Press 'Enter' to advance plot".
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Default 03-26-2013, 18:38 | posts: 7,065 | Location: Washington DC

I voted no but some games they are ok as long as they are used in moderation.
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Default 03-26-2013, 18:39 | posts: 2,882 | Location: Germany

Originally Posted by nhlkoho View Post
I voted no but some games they are ok as long as they are used in moderation.
yes, this.
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Master Guru
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Default 03-26-2013, 18:42 | posts: 334

I like God of War and Tomb Raider QT event... When done right, it is immersive. But yeah, game dev need to know we are not playing Dance Dance Revolution.

Last edited by Kono; 03-26-2013 at 18:45.
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Default 03-26-2013, 18:48 | posts: 3,802 | Location: Northcoast of Germany

QTE ruined BF3's SP for me
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Maha Guru
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Default 03-26-2013, 19:01 | posts: 1,008 | Location: <('.'<)

I hate them, all of them, especially the ones in crappy ports where the wrong button is displayed. I'd rather these sequences be non-interactive cutscenes tbh. They never fail to take me out of the game.
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Don Snow
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Default 03-26-2013, 19:14 | posts: 10,627 | Location: Toledo

I actually like them. However, I only like when they're done tastefully and not just spammed all over, or when it's games like Resident Evil 5 where they came out of nowhere and you would die almost every time they came up in the first playthrough.

Max Payne 3 did it perfectly imo.
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Maha Guru
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Default 03-26-2013, 19:25 | posts: 1,961 | Location: Calgary Canada®

I wonder if this game is what started all.
I remember when it came out. I was excited. Yeah, I get to control a cartoon. But miss the QTE by a milli-second and you're dead. The novelty quickly wore out for me.
As for QTE in games today. Sure, show them during the tutorial at the beginning and then be done with them. Or at least have the option to turn them off all together.
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Ancient Guru
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Default 03-26-2013, 19:40 | posts: 6,300 | Location: Romania

QTE are for good certain arcade games, I don't like them at all in FPS/RPGs or other games where they are just anoying.
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Default 03-26-2013, 19:53 | posts: 154 | Location: Innerworld

*reads in Bruce Buffer's voice:* "AND THE LOSER IS BY UNANIMOUS DECISION ........ THE Quuuuuuuuuuuuuu Teeeeeeeeeeeeeee EEEEEEEEEEEzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!! !!!!!"

Obviously the crystal clear winners are the plentiful (M$, $ony, Logitech etc.) manufacturers of controllers and keyboards.

The more QTews in interactive movies aka modern games the more sold controllers. No wonder we witness more and more of QTews everywhere. The game of capitalism goes on. So far...
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Maha Guru
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Default 03-26-2013, 20:19 | posts: 1,560 | Location: US

Seeing quick time events in games just shows me the audience the developer is going for, so I won't buy games that have em. An exception might show up at some point though.
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Default 03-26-2013, 22:53 | posts: 138 | Location: .

Funny i just started RE6 and after about 10mins of playing i decided to come here and ask just the same question....

I just can't see the point of them TBO sure dev's might think its a cool way of getting us to interact with what would just be an ingame FMV but 9/10 im to busy looking for what i should be pressing that i miss WTF is happening onscreen

The last 3 games I've played are all littered with OTE's (Deadspace3,Tomb Raider and RE6) its like having a f*cking Simon says thrust infront of your face every 5 mins! i say the quicker this "gameplay mechanic" dies out the better.
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Maha Guru
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Default 03-26-2013, 23:02 | posts: 2,598 | Location: Australia

If i have to rate a game out of 10 i will take off 1 whole point for every quick time event. The 100% death rate the first time expecting it to just be a cut scene is so annoying.
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Ancient Guru
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Default 03-26-2013, 23:14 | posts: 7,353 | Location: Wolverhampton/United Kingdom

They were new when Resident Evil 4 had them, but it didn't overly use them. Now they are used faaar too much and add nothing dynamic to the gameplay. Its a cheap way for devs to get around actually having to build a gameplay mechanic. Instead they just add in a cutscene and have you mash buttons at the right time for the cutscene to progress. The new Tomb Raider is another example, a masterpiece of game but its QTE could have been used a lot less. The worst game for it at the moment is Resident Evil 6... you only have to walk about 5ft before a cutscene plays and you have a QTE.
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Maha Guru
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Default 03-26-2013, 23:25 | posts: 1,725 | Location: Las Vegas USA

In some games they are DEFINITELY not needed and tend to ruin the experience.

However the last game I've played with them (Tombraider) I'd say they add to the experience a bit. If we took them out they would just be cut scenes where you automatically progress. This keeps you immersed a little bit more getting to "play the cut scenes" I think.
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Default 03-26-2013, 23:37 | posts: 10,116 | Location: United states of Kingdom

Voted no because of how they are currently used.
I'd have no problem if they didnt replace parts of the game that I'd like to be playing !!!
They skip over big sections and some are way too long.
I bought a game to play it, not to watch a movie.
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Maha Guru
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Default 03-26-2013, 23:50 | posts: 1,008 | Location: <('.'<)

Originally Posted by killer_939 View Post
If i have to rate a game out of 10 i will take off 1 whole point for every quick time event. The 100% death rate the first time expecting it to just be a cut scene is so annoying.
Exactly. Plus, you're playing a game, using your skill and tactics to defeat the enemy and then all of a sudden the game takes control and says, "Hey idiot, forget about what you've been doing and just press this button!" Kills immersion for me.
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Maha Guru
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Default 03-26-2013, 23:56 | posts: 1,247

I've never seen QTE add anything to the game... for me, it breaks the pacing of the game by adding some abrupt half cut scene, half garbage mini game that can suddenly kill your avatar off.

Why make all that great mechanics only to take it all away with most poorly implemented game mechanic of just pressing the button that's on the screen? Why interrupt what could've been a good cutscene with it? It tries to keep the player at helm during some amazing scene but it just ends up robbing the players of both the cinematic and gameplay.
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Default 03-27-2013, 00:48 | posts: 6,080 | Location: BC Canada

actually it bores me i dont even bother hitting the button that much for those ones that it wants u to rape ur keyboard/mouse or joypad in some way by hitting it as fast as u can because u learn that u dont even have to make it work....
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