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Pull-only CPU cooler with HAF XB? (pics)
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Default Pull-only CPU cooler with HAF XB? (pics) - 03-24-2013, 17:17 | posts: 383 | Location: Montana

Just kinda curious about some airflow in my system. Have to work in a bit so don't have time to test yet & wanting input before I change things.
But I have a Cooler Master HAF XB case that has 2 120mm fans across the front. One of those fans is only about 4" from the push-side of the CPU cooler. I have a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO with the stock fan.
Now if I put my hand right in front of the CPU fan, I can't feel any pull from it, but I can feel the airflow from the case fan. Generally the case runs about 1-2K RPM faster'n the CPU fan does. So I'm wondering if there's any kind of bottleneck with the airflow between these two fans, if that makes sense. (Would that be positive air pressure in front of the CPU?)
Would it help any to move my CPU fan into a pull config on the back of the cooler?
(Yes, I know it needs dusting - front grill is a dirt magnet.)
Sorry for large image size. Didn't notice res until I posted & don't know how to thumbnail it down to size.
The power cable in front of the CPU fan has been moved so that's not blocking airflow anymore.
Front view:
Top View:
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Default 03-24-2013, 17:56 | posts: 8,635 | Location: UK

well what kind of temps are you getting? when i had a noctua cooler i replaced one of the fans with a higher rpm fan that shoved more cfm.

when placing a piece of paper in front of your fan you should really see it sucked toward the cooler with some force.

maybe turn off your front fan when doing this so you dont get any external influences.

p.s a 120 mm something around 100cfm and 45decebels is ok
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Party Poison
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Default 03-24-2013, 19:57 | posts: 873

Whats the Haf XB like ? im really tempted to get one, atm i have a custom cosmos s but the Xb just looks cool and wanna play around with one. Is there much of a temp change between the xb and a normal case?
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Default 03-24-2013, 20:52 | posts: 6,424 | Location: Australia

Put your hand in front of your face, a few cm's away from your mouth. Breath in. That is the equivalent of the 'pull' fan. Now blow out. That is the equivalent of the 'push' fan. Basically the pull fan will pull air from the most direct route and of least resistance, which is from the sides (like with your hand). What this means is the front fins may not get good airflow over them. When the fans are in a push/pull configuration, the pull fan still sucks air from the heatsink fan, but since the push fan is operating, the pull fan also draws air from the front of the heatsink, which reduces the resistance of the push fan and increases air flow (and air flow/fin coverage). Since the push fan still pulls from the front side (pulls from the side) you don't really feel the airflow, and since the pull fan still pushes on the exit side, you feel the air there (like blowing on your hand).

Hope that makes sense!
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Videocard: Msi GTX 970 Gaming 4G
Processor: Intel Core i5 4690K
Mainboard: Msi Z97 Gaming 5
Memory: GSKILL Ripjaws 16GB @1866
Soundcard: Onboard + HyperX Clouds
PSU: SeaSonic X850
Default 03-25-2013, 14:33 | posts: 383 | Location: Montana

So far the XB is a great case. Plenty of room to tweak. Plus it looks weird and outside the norm. The front grill is actually what causes most of the fan noise - remove front panel & noise is cut in half.
Well, left my machine downloading Bioshock all night. This morning, ran a Prime95 default test for about 10min while getting kids on the bus for school.
Took this screenshot right after that test. The MAX log from HWiNFO is a little warmer than normal for gaming, but everything seems on par. Room I'm in is about 65 degrees F.
So guess I'll leave things as they are. Good info from everyone.
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