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The Pain of Electricity (AC versus DC)
Hilbert Hagedoorn
Don Vito Corleone
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Default The Pain of Electricity (AC versus DC) - 03-07-2013, 07:17 | posts: 29,264 | Location: Guru3D testlab

Have you always wondered if you electrocuted yourself, which type of electricity would hurt more: AC (Alternating Current) or DC (Direct Current)? Wait no more! ...

The Pain of Electricity (AC versus DC)
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Default 03-07-2013, 07:19 | posts: 7,604 | Location: Sunny Scotland

It's guys like this that make the world go round.
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Don Snow
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Default 03-07-2013, 07:37 | posts: 10,640 | Location: Toledo

That was amusing. Guy needs to wax his brows though.
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Master Guru
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Default 03-07-2013, 09:04 | posts: 399

Originally Posted by IcE View Post
That was amusing. Guy needs to wax his brows though.
Blasphemy. His Iranian
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Default 03-07-2013, 10:20 | posts: 617 | Location: Lithuania

Hilarious ;D
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Andrew LB
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Default 03-07-2013, 11:29 | posts: 740 | Location: Peoples Republic of Kalifornia

I've had my fair share of shocks over the years, 110v wall power being the most common, i rarely found them incredibly painful. I did have the unfortunate opportunity to have the capacitors from a SoundStream Reference 1000 subwoofer amplifier discharge themselves into my finger... which actually burnt the hell out of my finger tips and threw me backwards.

The most painful shock i've received had to be a few years back when a friend of mine thought he was going to have a laugh by shocking me with his girlfriends tazer (the non-shooting type) that was very low on power. Well... it turned out she had changed the batteries earlier in the day, which resulted in me getting shocked to living hell, as well as my broken nose for my "former" friend. LoL!
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Speed Weed
Maha Guru
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Default 03-07-2013, 11:33 | posts: 1,066 | Location: Somewhere in Scotland

Just don't be tempted to see how it feels to connect the power supply to your testicles, however!
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Default 03-07-2013, 15:57 | posts: 7 | Location: England

That cheered my day up.....
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Ancient Guru
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Default 03-07-2013, 16:13 | posts: 6,964

i saw some people get zapped by a 220V live wire, but thankfully it was on a differential circuit breaker, the shock did not reached thier heart, but it made their pain sensors on the finger respond, anyway, 220V is no joke! it KILLS
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Ancient Guru
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Default 03-07-2013, 20:29 | posts: 12,794 | Location: new jersey

Man and i thuoght the guy was going to bite off his tongue
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scoter man1
Ancient Guru
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Default 03-07-2013, 20:41 | posts: 4,576 | Location: MI, USA

From my experience, I'd say DC is more painful. I've been shocked a few times by 120Vac, it tingles and you can feel up all the way up your arm but it doesn't really hurt. DC just bites.
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Maha Guru
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Default 03-07-2013, 21:48 | posts: 1,098


My Mate Gets Cranked Up On The Variac

You gotta love Photonicinduction
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Master Guru
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Default 03-07-2013, 22:09 | posts: 567

I laughed, hard.
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Maha Guru
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Default 03-07-2013, 22:16 | posts: 1,925 | Location: Portugal

Hilarious. IŽll take the dudeŽs word for fact though, not going to fry myself.
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Master Guru
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Default 03-07-2013, 22:29 | posts: 674

oc'ed himself...
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Ancient Guru
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Default 03-07-2013, 22:34 | posts: 2,885 | Location: far,far from home

Reminds me of the battle between Tesla and Edison,it was about the same topic.
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Ancient Guru
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Default 03-07-2013, 23:12 | posts: 4,236 | Location: Beech Island SC,USA

Originally Posted by scoter man1 View Post
From my experience, I'd say DC is more painful. I've been shocked a few times by 120Vac.

120Vac on the tongue would Blow your jaw off.

Funny video, Lol......
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Maha Guru
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Default 03-08-2013, 00:57 | posts: 1,401 | Location: Indonesia

The best part: "Who the hell sets this on 25 volts!!!"

Originally Posted by Sash View Post
i saw some people get zapped by a 220V live wire, but thankfully it was on a differential circuit breaker, the shock did not reached thier heart, but it made their pain sensors on the finger respond, anyway, 220V is no joke! it KILLS
The electricity is 220V here, and many people have died because of electric shock.

My younger brother almost lost his life because of open wire when our house was being renovated. Luckily he fell on a window glass and broke the glass so my mum heard the incident and pulled the wire from his hand. I think he was electrocuted for around 5 seconds.
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Ancient Guru
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Default 03-08-2013, 01:02 | posts: 3,783

Originally Posted by anticupidon View Post
Reminds me of the battle between Tesla and Edison,it was about the same topic.
But this time it doesn't involve dogs, horses, nor elephants.

Interested in folding with fellow gurus? Click here to get you started!
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Maha Guru
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Default 03-08-2013, 19:31 | posts: 1,280 | Location: In my house

I've been shocked by 230v @ 13amps.

Hurt like a mofo.

Palm of my hand was burnt and the current blow off part of one of my finger nails.

The shock also felt like it pulled my arm from its socket.
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Ancient Guru
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Default 03-08-2013, 19:34 | posts: 8,635 | Location: UK

What a jessy should have tried it on his todger!
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Ancient Guru
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Default 03-08-2013, 21:24 | posts: 2,853

Hilarious and made me spill my coffee , but what an idiot lol

Originally Posted by Reddoguk View Post
I've been shocked by 230v @ 13amps.
done the same thing fitting a light switch years ago and the power was supposed to have been off , through me across the hallway but that's a council house for you lol

Last edited by chaotic1; 03-08-2013 at 21:26.
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Ancient Guru
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Default 03-09-2013, 18:49 | posts: 3,269 | Location: Pennsylvania

I remember testing a PC power supply and it had a bare wire and I accidentally touched it and It really made me jump. I was like damn what the heck was that?.
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Maha Guru
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Default 03-09-2013, 23:14 | posts: 2,666 | Location: Ohio

Well, considering that execution via electrocution is typically done with DC... I've been electrocuted a few times over the years, worst time being a night light that was stuck in the socket and when grabbing my fingers curled to meet the contacts. It was more a sense of sensory overload than pain really. Felt like my arm was trying to convulse its way off of my torso.
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Ancient Guru
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Default 03-10-2013, 05:52 | posts: 5,244 | Location: Wooing whilst wearing only socks.

It's not the voltage that kills you it's the amps. Many people have been shocked by 30,000 volt ignition system.
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