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Which (Asus) soundcard would you recommend?
Maha Guru
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Memory: C Vengeance 8GB 1866
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PSU: Seasonic Platinum 760W
Default Which (Asus) soundcard would you recommend? - 09-02-2014, 14:21 | posts: 2,061 | Location: Estonia


As the title says, which soundcard would you recommend?

It would then be one of the Asus Xonar ones, I've looked into it a bit, but I'm not quite sure as to which one to take.

All around best and good price? I remember there was one with the inbuilt headset amplifier or something, and then the normal but better one that was without it, I might take that one then? But I don't remember which one it was.

Any insight into this, thanks.
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Videocard: Gigabyte / GTX460 / 1GB
Processor: Intel i7-2600
Mainboard: Asus P8P67 Pro
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PSU: Seasonic X-650
Default 09-02-2014, 15:09 | posts: 29 | Location: Finland

What is "good price"? A million per shot makes economy roll, so is it more "good" than tuppence from Uncle Scrooge?

You ask about headphone amp, but don't make it clear whether you will use headphones, speakers, surround speakers, etc. Music, games, movies? Yes, you said "all around best", but isn't that usually the most expensive one?
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Maha Guru
Videocard: 2 EVGA Titans SLI
Processor: i7 4930K @4.4ghz.
Mainboard: Asus x79 RIVE
Memory: 16 gigs ddr3 @ 2400
Soundcard: ROG Xonar Phoebus
PSU: AX 1200i
Default 09-02-2014, 19:06 | posts: 2,010 | Location: Sault Ste. Marie Ont. CA

I have this card In my opinion it's the best. Price? Does it really matter? If you want the best you have to pay for it.
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Maha Guru
Videocard: Asus 770 2gb
Processor: i7 Sandy Bridge 2600k
Mainboard: ASUS P8P67 Deluxe
Memory: 8 gigs crucial tracer led
Soundcard: Razer Barracuda AC-1
PSU: Kingwin Lazer 1000 watt
Default 09-02-2014, 19:15 | posts: 1,437 | Location: Minnesota

Don't listen to ESlik,he doesn't know what he's talking about.. JK, he does. Why does it need to be an Asus? For the same price as the Phoebus,you can get the new Sound blaster ZXR. I had one,zero issues,no bloatware. It worked perfect. I also had a Sound Blaster Z and that was excellent as well. The only thing is the Phoebus does 7.1,but if you don't need that,you could get the SB Z for about $80. Its a great card..
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Maha Guru
Videocard: Asus 770 2gb
Processor: i7 Sandy Bridge 2600k
Mainboard: ASUS P8P67 Deluxe
Memory: 8 gigs crucial tracer led
Soundcard: Razer Barracuda AC-1
PSU: Kingwin Lazer 1000 watt
Default 09-02-2014, 19:26 | posts: 1,437 | Location: Minnesota

ESlik,I put my old razer barracuda ac-1 back in last night. Had to use old Vista drivers but it works perfectly. I have the recon3d and Barracuda in there at the same time. I just have the recon disabled. So that way you can go back and forth to hear the difference. So far,I'm not impressed with the cuda's sound. Its decent..for games its fine. The sb z,zxr spank it tho. The bass in the z cards were night and tight and the instruments well defined. I was just shocked the cuda works well still with the vista drivers. No issues at all. Can I use this card for gaming ...Yes.. Music..yes,but since I heard the Z cards,if I was going to listen to music I'd probably get the Zxr.. The phoebus intrigues me also. I like the ROG lights on the side..
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Member Guru
Videocard: Gigabyte R9 280X OC
Processor: i5 3570K@4.3Ghz
Mainboard: Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H
Memory: Corsair DDR3 1600 8GB
Soundcard: Xonar D1/AVR3600/AKG K612
PSU: Corsair 850 Watt
Default 09-02-2014, 19:37 | posts: 52 | Location: Canada

I have tested several of the Xonar cards in customer rigs. I have heard the Xonar DG, DGX, DS, DSX, D1, DX, and STX. So far, I still have not heard the Phoebus, the ST, or the Xense. If you have audiophile hearing, I would not recommend the DG, or DGX. They are cheap cards for a reason, and sound average at best. Granted, they both have a headphone amp, but not a high quality one. You just can't expect a 30 dollar sound card to effectively drive a 250-600 ohm pair of headphones.

This decision is going to come down to what your needs are. What speakers are you using, and what impedance are your headphones ? For instance, if you are using a pair of Beyerdynamic DT Pro 250 Ohm headphones, you will need a sound card with a quality headphone amp. In this case, a Xonar STX or ST would be an awesome choice. If you are using a pair of Shure SRH840 Pro 44 ohm headphones, you can drive them on a sound card without an amp, such as a Xonar DX, or D1.

You always have the option of buying a USB DAC AMP combo as well. I own the Racoon SG300 tube USB DAC AMP, which I use to drive a pair of AKG K612 Pro headphones. It offers a very warm and musical sound. I use a Xonar D1 (PCI version of Xonar DX) for my 5.1 audio needs for connecting to my Harman Kardon receiver and Paradigm speaker set up as well. Also, keep in mind that the Xonar DX and D1 also offer dolby digital live encoding. This means that you can obtain 5.1 surround sound even in older games, which was my reason for buying the card. It all depends on what you need. Your motherboard has PCI-E and PCI. If you don't need a headphone amp, I would recommend the Xonar DX, or D1. Here is a link below for the USB DAC AMP combo as well.

Note, that I am in Canada, so it is a bit more expensive here than in the USA. I paid 180 Canadian, but in the USA it can be found for about 150 or so.

Last edited by DW75; 09-25-2014 at 20:14.
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Maha Guru
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Videocard: 2x Sapp R9 290X CF H20
Processor: i7 3960X + Corsair H100
Mainboard: Asus Rampage IV Extreme
Memory: 4x 4GB Corsair DP 2133mhz
Soundcard: SoundBlaster ZX/Z-5500
PSU: Seasonic X-1250
Default 09-25-2014, 14:05 | posts: 1,867 | Location: Babylon 5

Recently, I managed to snag a used SB X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion (with front panel IO box) for about 40USD. Previously, I was using the X-Fi MB audio which came with my Maximus II Formula, and I was using a Z623. Well, upon installing the X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion, and playing my usual go to game, UT3, I noticed that the sound had changed somewhat. It had a crispness I'd not heard with the onboard audio, the Gatlin Gun had a nice metallic 'klink' when fired, and using the other weapons like the Rocket Launcher and Frag Cannon were somehow sharper and more satisfying.

I now have a soundcard in each and every one of my systems, I'm back to my old philosophy that a system would be better with a soundcard installed....back to my old skool way of thinking.
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