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Attention: PS3 owners with HDMI "no signal" problem
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Talking Attention: PS3 owners with HDMI "no signal" problem - 05-03-2012, 16:48 | posts: 791

After 3 years of frustration and having to use component in 1080i rather than HDMI because of the black screen / no signal issue, I finally solved the problem.

The no signal was caused by a HDMI handshaking error- no hardware fault.

after reading some posts on another site, I decided to buy an HDMI switch :

I had very little hope that it would work, as I had tried everything other than this (different cables, different TV's, different firmware, different methods of resetting and configuring options). but I am happy to report , it works perfectly. I am able to game in 3d now on my ps3, (which component didn't allow).

apparently it strips the handshaking error off the signal or something like that.

good luck

edit: to people posting that it was a simple matter of resetting the ps3, this thread is for people who have already tried everything, and no matter what, HDMI won't work on their PS3. There is a handshaking problem with the ps3, google : hdmi no signal ps3 and see how many hits you get. as I mentioned above (different cables, different TV's, different firmware, different methods of resetting and configuring options, and settings on both the TV and ps3 did not work)

read more here :


"If that doesn’t work, the problem might be your PS3 and TV not being able to establish a secure HDMI handshake which is required for an HD signal. You can try working around this (if your PS3 and TV hate each other) by purchasing what is called an “HDMI switch”, it’s basically a hub but for HDMI connections (as opposed to USB or network connections). You can get a $10 manual switch here, or a nicer remote-controlled HDMI switch here for $25. If you just have the 1 PS3 HDMI connection and don’t need any other connections, just grab the $10 one since it will always stay on the same setting.

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Default 05-03-2012, 17:18 | posts: 114 | Location: England

I used to have this problem on my original 80GB model - but would only affect DVD's
I had run them in 1080i, games were fine in 1080p

I haven't had the problem with my new(ish) Slim.
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Don Illuminati
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Default 05-03-2012, 17:22 | posts: 26,200 | Location: Netherlands

yep it happens sometimes. just keep the power button pressed untill it beeps twice.
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Default 05-03-2012, 20:16 | posts: 791

Originally Posted by WhiteLightning View Post
yep it happens sometimes. just keep the power button pressed untill it beeps twice.
that didn't fix my problem.
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Default 05-03-2012, 21:48 | posts: 5,352 | Location: New Hampshire, USA

it happens if you get a new tv. atleast thats what caused it to happen to me. you just have to reset the ps3 to its original factory settings and then set it up like its new. resets everything but leaves all saves etc. on the hdd.
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Default 12-06-2012, 01:39 | posts: 1

Okee, hey there gents im a noob on here but not so much with electronics but I have a problem here that I cant remedy and hopefully you all can happen. I have a 80gb fat ps3 with a 500gb hdd, its about 5 years old and has been great, only that would make it better is if it were backwards compatible. I took it on vacation with me over the summer along with one of my tvs, a 40" Insignia, it is normally hooked up to a 55" Westinghouse and prior to that it was attached to a 47" Sharp, all hooked up via hdmi cable. Well after my vacation I bring them both home, my old lady drops the tv out of the car and busts the screen and when i hook my ps3 up to my 55" I get no signal. GREAT!! Now I have a broken tv which ain't so much a big deal but the ps3 I was pissed about no call of duty and it was my bluray player for my living room. After some googling I first attempted all manner of resetting the video with the power button to no avail, attempted to get into safe mode but with no video or audio output it was nearly impossible. I then began to entertain that it was an issue internally either a loose connection between the hdmi and the graphics processor or the GPU itself. Read alot about reballing and reflowing but it didnt quite add up because my controller would connect and the ps3 would turn on like it normally should and the light for the hdd would blink indicating it should be accessing the hdd. I also tried numerous other hdmi cables inputs on my tv, other tvs known working cables and tvs but no luch. I gave up on it for a while and finally a month or two later got the bright idea to hook it up with rca cables. Hooked it up to my little undercabinet tv in my kitchen with red, yellow, and white rca cable from a ps2 and did the reset and voila! i had 480p picture. I got a set of component cables for it (red, blue, green, red, and white) hooked it up to my 55" reset the output settings and now I have mostly HD gaming but video and bluray playback is only 480p. BOO!!! I tried hooking both up and toggling back and forth and a bunch of other things but no dice. I then saw this post and was like wow that sounds like my problem, signal and then not supported when i try to configure to hdmi, so I will try this. I went to walmart picked a $20 hdmi switch but sadly it didnt work. I have exhausted all my options, short of selling it and getting a new ps3 which i really would not like to do, considering the next gen consoles are around the corner. So, I reach out to you almighty internet gurus and keepers of electronics wisdom, Any ideas??

Sorry for the long post just trying to make sure I covered all my bases.
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Default 06-16-2013, 02:05 | posts: 1

Its a ps3 problem. Ad a 37 dollar belkin hdmi switch after the reciever and before the display. Fixes hdcp handshake problem.can be bought at walmart. I just did this tonight. Couldnt find any reliable info so I wanted to post it somewhere. You do need an extra hdmi cable to do this but it works like a charm
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PS3 HDMI problems
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Default PS3 HDMI problems - 07-23-2013, 00:27 | posts: 1

Had same problem no signal. Attached my PC to port and it worked. Reattached PS3 using PC cable, and it worked. I thought then it must be the old HDMI cable, but used that on something else, and it worked. Not familiar with all the technology, but I guess somehow the PC "reactivated" the port on the TV.
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Default 08-19-2013, 22:58 | posts: 7,177 | Location: USA

If the hdmi cable is have issue with the handshake only thing will fix it a new hdmi or switch that will handle it for it would been cheaper to just get another hdmi cable, but what ever works is best for you i guess
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Default 08-19-2013, 23:10 | posts: 8,118 | Location: Netherlands

I remember having that issue, i had the same thing and i thought my PS3 was broke lol.
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Default 09-04-2013, 18:19 | posts: 20,685 | Location: Turkey

my ps3 was downloading Diablo 3 and now i see no signal. i pressed shut down button and re booted but still same. let me read the stuff here and find a solution. wtf man -_-

edit: well had to press and hold restart to boot the ps3. and set it the HDMI stuff again.

tried 3 different brands HDMI's but same. i never had this issue previous non 3d tv. lame.

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