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ATI Tray Tools Public Beta Section In here only the ATT beta development of this tool is and may be discussed.

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Thanks, and a couple of questions
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Default Thanks, and a couple of questions - 03-01-2011, 02:48 | posts: 2 | Location: New Zealand

Hi Ray,

Been using ATT for a while now. Got my first ATI/AMD card in April last year and was horrified by CCC, particulary the situation with game profiles. Also none of the various overclocking applications where up to scratch for my particular card. Thanks for all the hard work you've put into ATT! Seriously, AMD should get rid of the guys behind CCC and employ you..

Couple of questions:

1) Is there a reason why you're not incorporating the solution to running the driver in x64 with UAC on in your installer? It seems to work perfectly for me. 1 in about 50 system startups in doesn't work, probably because the service hadn't loaded on time for ATT. All I need to do if that happens is run ATT again and it works (again, running ATT normally - not as admin, with UAC on). I think some people use task scheduler to delay ATT starting up straight away, although I've never been bothered to do that as it rarely happens on my system.

2) I know you've mentioned ATT only supports 32bit games, but is this something you are planning to address in the future? Currently the only 64bit game I have is Crysis and it's not too much of a hassel to manually switch in and out of my 3D clocks as I don't play it a lot, but with BF3 likely coming with a 64bit version I was just wondering I'm guessing it's a hard thing to do.
Ray Adams
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Default 03-01-2011, 06:36 | posts: 4,942

1) May be in future. I don't like when installation installation required restarting of computer. Also I had some problems with that loader.

2) Not possible at this moment. ATT has a lot of low level code which works only for 32 bit applications.

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