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Audigy 4 - freezes in Battlefield2.
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Default Audigy 4 - freezes in Battlefield2. - 04-10-2006, 15:17 | posts: 63 | Location: Sweden

I dont get it, this card should be good right ? I run bf2 audio settings at hardware, high and with eax.

I can play a few rounds then suddenly like i get a freeze with the game some strange buzz noises like i cant tune in a radio or something.

But the strange thing i cant seem to know why this happens. Its not my computer i tried clocking down changing pci slots,, updating the drivers to latest etc..

Cant this card do hardware on high or ?
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Soundcard: Xonar DGX, Logitech X-530
PSU: Antec Earthwatts 650W
Default 04-10-2006, 18:49 | posts: 2,542 | Location: Toronto, Ontario

I had the same thing happen to me with my A1. In my case it was a conflict between the Creative drivers and Nvidia drivers, but it only happened if I used the 77.72 or 77.76; and had no problem with previous drivers or any after those two. That may be the problem you are having as well. Has it done it since you got the card, or have updated drivers recently (audio or video)?
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