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Pentium D VS AMD Atlhon X2 (Dual Core Processors)
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Default Pentium D VS AMD Atlhon X2 (Dual Core Processors) - 06-01-2005, 16:23 | posts: 156 | Location: Portugal

Well they are here and arriving!! For what I've read this time AMD beat Intel! I personally don't like AMD but this time if it's tru the AMD Dual Core is faster than Intel Dual Core I will have to choose AMD! Don't you think! Please post here with information about both Processors so that me and others can decide which one is the best!!
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Default 06-01-2005, 18:23 | posts: 943 | Location: MadTown, IN

ummmm......AMD finally beating Intel? AMD has been kicking Intel's butt in gaming and benching performance since their launch of the A64s.

I personally have not had a chance to play with either AMD or Intel dual core chips yet. Neither will be huge in games or benches until games or benches start utilizing dual core technology, but in multitasking scenarios both will be great with Intel probably being slightly better as they always seem to be better with multitasking, etc. type scenarios.
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Default 06-01-2005, 21:25 | posts: 846 | Location: New Hampshire

The Athlon 64X2's dominate the Pentium D.
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Default 06-01-2005, 23:46 | posts: 7,776 | Location: Utopia Planitia, Mars

At first glance, AMD dualcores look better than Intel's, but are more expensive too. If you include the motherboard prices in the comparison you will notice they will get about even in prices (or even cheaper if you already own a modern socket939 mobo, since Intel's dual cores demand a new mobo with a new socket). So, all that makes AMD a clear winner even in the price/performance ratio.
The only thing that remains to be seen is the availability. I really hope AMD makes enough dualcores to satisfy the market - Intel has much better mass production manufacturing capabilities and they can decide to defeat AMD's advantage by saturating the market with their dualcores, but somehow i don't thing they will do that because they are probably waiting for 0.65 process techology so they can make better profit margins... and i hope this time, their greed is going to hurt them badly...

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