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80 Degrees Celcius for CPU?! Too hot?
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Default 80 Degrees Celcius for CPU?! Too hot? - 08-11-2004, 18:04 | posts: 67

Hi there. I think I have tracked down my Comp problems to an overheating CPU.

Should my 2000XP be hitting 80 Degrees Celcius (according to Sisoft Sandra) during normal operation? While adjusting something in my comp, the heatsink was so hot I got a heat blister from touching it for about 1 second.

Any advice on what I should do? I haven't run the system since.
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Default 08-11-2004, 18:10 | posts: 3,402 | Location: Kansas

That's waaaaaaay too hot. Suprised the computer even runs at all, I think that the XP will experience thermal death at around 90C.

Don't run the system again until you get a better cooling solution. A nice copper cooler and some Artic Silver should do the trick.

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Default 08-11-2004, 18:13 | posts: 10,001

Make sure you've got good airflow in the case too (Though that isn't what's causing the cpu temps I'm sure). A good intake fan in the front and outtake at the back, at the least.
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Default 08-11-2004, 18:14 | posts: 246

No, 80 degrees is overkill.

Have you applied the thermal paste correctly?

It could just be sisoft sandra that's not working.
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Default 08-11-2004, 18:14 | posts: 129

I think you have really damaged your CPU. It's pointless keeping that CPU, it may burn or damage even your motherboard. Just go and buy a new one.
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Default 08-11-2004, 18:23 | posts: 1,058 | Location: UK

Is your HSF (heatsink fan) plugged into your mobo and running? And is the heatsink designed for AthlonXP processors?

The reason I ask is that even if there were poor thermal contact between your CPU and heatsink, the heatsink would be no hotter than normal (actually a little cooler as less heat is being dumped into it). If the heatsink is as hot as the CPU, then the heat isn't being dissipated from it for some reason.
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Videocard: Hercules Prophet 9800 Pro 128mb
Processor: AMD 3000 939 Venice O/C @ 2030mhz
Mainboard: AsRock 939 Dual SATA II
Memory: 1GB PC 3200 DDR400 RAM
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Default 08-11-2004, 18:29 | posts: 67

I think that the connection for the CPU fan was bad - I reconnected it on another 3 prong connector, and it spins like new. I can't believe this damn thing - I've had crazy problems since I got it.

I will make sure to get a new heatsink and fan tho - Volcano should do the trick.

Case ventilation isn't a problem, I have 2 on the rear, 1 on the front, and 1 on the side - plenty of airflow.
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Default 08-11-2004, 18:54 | posts: 4,747 | Location: Finland

dont use u computer in sauna

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Maha Guru
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Default 08-11-2004, 20:39 | posts: 1,277

You got the hottest system I know! My processor runs hot, but only 65C max.
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