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Default 01-21-2017, 00:34 | posts: 3,359 | Location: Finland

Just got me a Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) to replace my crappy old Galaxy Trend.

Must say a very good phone for the price if you don't need the fanciest features and most powerful hardware.

PS: got an update to Android Marshmallow too, no need to stick to Lollipop

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Default 01-21-2017, 11:59 | posts: 2,054 | Location: Israel - Haifa

I bought zte axon 7 128 gb tell me if there anything better now
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Default 01-28-2017, 16:20 | posts: 12,819 | Location: Finland

Things happened and I now have Honor 8 (it replaced my Honor 6 - it will replace my dad's broken Lumia 920 which was actually my phone).

First impression is that it feels rather nice in hand. I'm just about to power it up.

I'll install nougat tomorrow...

Done. EMUI5 has some nice things now like app drawer. As a phone this feels great in hand and camera is nice too. Build quality is fantastic. Glass back makes this slippery.

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Default 02-03-2017, 09:50 | posts: 12 | Location: Saint Paul

Originally Posted by chispy View Post
good luck !
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Default 02-13-2017, 08:46 | posts: 12,819 | Location: Finland

I quite like the battery life on Honor 8. Just got 7h 30 min SOT out of this and there were still 6 % left. That was without WLAN, only 4G data.
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Default 02-20-2017, 06:04 | posts: 2,064 | Location: Bremerton, WA USA (Go Mariners)

^I had an Honor 5X and it had fantastic battery life.^ Partly due to their assistant constantly wanting to turn apps off. I had a love/hate affair with Huawei's EMUI. It never liked my smartwatch (No NFC). Lost it on a weekend trip.

Lately, I've been buying Motorola. Last year, I got my daughter her 1st phone, a Moto G (2nd gen) and it was a good, solid build. It reminded me of why I liked Motorola's devices in the flip phone era. I got my girlfriend a Moto X Pure(Style) and then got myself the same thing when I lost the Honor.

I really like how vanilla the android is on a Motorola phone. (non carrier versions) Much like getting a Nexus (or Pixel, I guess).

I just got my daughter a Moto Z Play which can add the MotoMods external, magnetic devices to the back. Camera, battery pack, projector, speaker, and more to come. The Motorola color customization is now done on the magnetic panels too. Wood, leather, whatever, can be easily swapped onto the back, which is glass when nothing is connected. The battery life is apparently phenomenal.

I love my "X" but after playing with her "Z" for a little bit, I kind of want one.

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Default 02-25-2017, 14:43 | posts: 7,670 | Location: In Paradise :)

I was leaning towards getting the Samsung Galaxy S8 to replace my aging Galaxy S6 but i see the price increased towards $900 + , will wait until it's out and see if it really is worth it.
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Default 03-12-2017, 18:20 | posts: 8,227 | Location: London, United Kingdom

I'm getting the new Sony Xperia XZ Premium due to be released early June. Will be the best phone for 2017.

Will piss over Samsung Galaxy S8 in having a better screen, camera and stereo speakers.
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Default 03-13-2017, 10:59 | posts: 5,914 | Location: Israel

S8 gonna be the best seller yet again, S7E was a great phone tbh but i don't see the S8 as an impressive omfg phone...

I bought Mate 9 to replace S7E, so far so good.
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Default 03-16-2017, 15:43 | posts: 1,601 | Location: #1

only this
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Default 03-22-2017, 00:28 | posts: 974 | Location: In Kylies head...

My Umidigi Z Pro has just been dispatched from Hong Kong. Should be as epic as a Huawei P9, for 1/3 of the price.
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Default 03-22-2017, 09:19 | posts: 669 | Location: UK

Originally Posted by krisby View Post
My Umidigi Z Pro has just been dispatched from Hong Kong. Should be as epic as a Huawei P9, for 1/3 of the price.
The name alone makes it an awesome device.
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Default 03-24-2017, 09:41 | posts: 3,662 | Location: UK

Just upgraded from my windows phone 635 to a nice big 640xl, fantastic, bigger is indeed better. Lol
My 635 was fine, worked flawlessly for the last 3 yeas until last month i decided to upgrade it's 8.1 OS to windows 10, once i did that it was doomed, some kind of bug meant that it went from days on one charge only 12 hours if i was lucky one charge, and that is with everything off, and i won't be upgrading the 640xl to W10, lessen lerned. Lol
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Default Yesterday, 22:42 | posts: 9,982

I just ordered a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (SD) Global Edition w/ Band 20, it should come in a few weeks.

My main concern is the 5.5" screen, I find my 4.8" Galaxy S3 about the limit of what I can use so I wanted a max of 5" but this was a good deal and was $40 cheaper than the 5" equivalent and has a few more advantages (like Band 20) so I took a gamble and I guess I'll sell if it doesn't work out.

Should be a good upgrade, I did have a Sony Xperia U (512mb ram) I got 5 years ago then after a year I got a Galaxy S3 (so 4 years old). The S3 struggled with 1GB ram, but it's battery got so bad I've gone back to the Xperia U, but I can't even browse the internet or use apps (or my Pebble smartwatch) as it has so little ram it'll randomly reboot so a new phone is definitely overdue.

The Note 4 should come from China in about 2 weeks, it was $150 for the 3GB Ram/32GB Storage Global Model with Band 20 for 4G.

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