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We're close to 10.000.000 :)
Default We're close to 10.000.000 :) - 02-18-2009, 11:22 | posts: 13,122 | Location: Taganrog, Russia

Dear forum visitors,

Just two years ago we announced the final release of RivaTuner here at the Guru of 3D and celebrated 5.000.000th utility download. That version was supposed to be EOL for RivaTuner project, however I simply couldn’t resist my favorite hobby so version v2.01 was announced after 5 months break in development.

A lot of things changed since that time: 15 new versions with hundreds of new features have been released, RivaTuner received full Vista support and signed 64-bit drivers provided by our best friends from TechPowerUp, RivaTuner became the first tool providing independent shader clock control for GeForce 8 and newer display adapter series and the fix for improperly calibrated fan control of AMD HD 3000 series, RivaTuner received protective envelope preventing Punkbuster anticheat system from crashing the system due to unauthorized scanning of hardware mapped memory, RivaTuner reached new levels of programmability and flexibility due to new task scheduler module, received DirectX10 triple buffering forcing and On-Screen Display support, received drastically improved support for multi-GPU systems, received improved hardware monitoring features, such as Logitech G15 LCD support, and many many other. We’ve also got great assistance in development from Point of View and EVGA sides and even launched new beginner oriented RivaTuner’s child project - EVGA Precision - in cooperation with EVGA.

So I do hope that this time was not wasted for nothing and gave each RivaTuner user something new and useful. And now, just two years later, we’re proud to announce that RivaTuner’s user base has been increased drastically, download counter has been doubled and we’re hitting 10.000.000 downloads in a just few days. We were hoping it to happen a couple months later close to upcoming Guru 3D birthday, but download counter is growing up too fast so we’re reaching the event a bit out of schedule.

Biggest thanks goes to you, RivaTuner fans and those who selected RivaTuner or its’ child products like D3DOverrider or EVGA Precision as the tools of your choice. I simply wouldn’t be able to invest that much free time into the project development without seeing that it really helps you. Also, thanks goes even to true product haters, regardless of your wishes and intentions you’re doing really good project PR job and give regular boosts to download rates.

Thanks once again, I hope that we’ll be able to double download counter again and celebrate 20.000.000 downloads a few years later. Stay tuned!

Alexey Nicolaychuk aka Unwinder, RivaTuner creator

Last edited by Unwinder; 02-18-2009 at 11:24.
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Default 02-18-2009, 12:19 | posts: 586 | Location: MA

Congratulations Unwinder!!!! I noticed the counter yesterday, and am waiting to see it roll over.

I'm glad this project did not die. It is the ultimate tool for anything GPU related. Keep up the fantastic work!

- Nick

Last edited by stangowner; 02-18-2009 at 12:27.
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Default 02-18-2009, 12:29 | posts: 17,926 | Location: Coldwells,UK

Damn 10mil aready, Time has really flown by

Without rivatuner i would of never got into overclocking my videocard or even guru3d

i remember the day "hmm wonder if i can tweak my videocard"

*types in video card tweaking tool & google pops up with rivatuner*

Downloaded from guru3d....the rest was history

Unwinder & Rivatuner FTW

Last edited by DSK; 02-18-2009 at 12:57.
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Default 02-18-2009, 12:55 | posts: 1,696 | Location: Romania

Best wishes Alex. Keep up the good work and keep your amazing piece of art up to date forever.
BTW in your very short RivaTuner description you forget about your flexible plugin support which I find a very useful feature.
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Default 02-18-2009, 13:06 | posts: 12,815 | Location: new jersey

hey bro without you we vga freaks aint jack squat,you did us good.great features that are often overlooked
congrats to you on 10mil+
I hope i'm around for 20 mil
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Default 02-18-2009, 13:38 | posts: 50 | Location: Chile

Congratulations Unwinder , and thank you for the great software that you make and support.

I will continue to make guides for Rivatuner in the website where I work, until I'm dead or something
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ZeW0 ToleraNce
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Default 02-18-2009, 16:54 | posts: 360 | Location: Urbana, IL

Jesus, 10 mil...That's amazing. Congrats Unwinder!
Thanks for all the time you've put into making RT work like a charm. I've been an avid user since version 2.09 or so and have been using it non-stop ever since. Really great stuff for sure.
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Default 02-18-2009, 17:36 | posts: 3,018 | Location: SoL 3

Thanks Unwinder for all your efforts, well done nearing 5m D/L's. Riva is a lovely little friend.
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Default 02-19-2009, 16:35 | posts: 341 | Location: Dallas Texas Area

Many congratulations. I have been using Riva for quite a while now and I truly believe that your tool has saved my video cards from many many problematic issues. Your EVGA precision is also quite a tool.

Here's to 20,000,000

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Default 02-19-2009, 16:43 | posts: 12,911 | Location: Finland

10 million is a huge number. Great milestone for Rivatuner.
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Default 02-19-2009, 16:48 | posts: 8,163 | Location: United Kingdom

Congrats Unwinder! hope to see the 20 mil. mark very soon.
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Default 02-20-2009, 02:39 | posts: 8 | Location: Hampton Virginia

Awesome utility.

Thank you so much for helping me to learn more about my computer.
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Default 02-20-2009, 02:55 | posts: 127

I am seriously amazed by Rivatuner (and it's constant evolution) and completely astonished by your knowledge Mr Unwinder from Taganrog, Russia. ;-)


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Default 02-21-2009, 00:29 | posts: 79 | Location: Lebanon

I remember the first time i used Rivatuner in the Geforce256 days.. Some games keep crashing until i installed Rivatuner and set the AGP rate @ 2x. Problem fixed oh the good old days :p
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Default 02-22-2009, 08:50 | posts: 80 | Location: USA

Gratz Unwinder! Keep up the good work.
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Default 02-22-2009, 10:35 | posts: 96

Great job and congratulations, Unwinder.

The world of Nvidia and Ati video card tweaking would be a in a sad state without your continued efforts in developing and refining Rivatuner into the fantastic program that it is today...
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Default 02-22-2009, 10:39 | posts: 21 | Location: Colombia

Unwinder keep it up! and congrats on this achievement.
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Default 02-22-2009, 10:41 | posts: 3 | Location: Romania

Nice work, very useful program. Keep up the good job
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All the credits to Alex N Unwinder!!!
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Thumbs up All the credits to Alex N Unwinder!!! - 02-22-2009, 11:05 | posts: 623 | Location: Serbia

Sorry if I ever bothered you with stupid questions (and I know I did! ) !
I started using RT way back in the ancient history, when I had a P1, Chaintech motherboard with Riva Vanta card which was incompatible with the mobo's chipset (Via). This had caused a lot of crashes in games (Quake2, Unreal etc.) and after I unsuccessfully tried who knows how many "solutions" recommended by NVidia, Via and Chaintech, I stumbled upon RT. Problem was IMMEDIATELY resolved by checking "compatibility mode" box. Soon enough I realized many other useful features of this beautiful program.

Thank you.
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Default 02-22-2009, 11:09 | posts: 20 | Location: Utah

Thier are still so many people that have not heard of Riva Tuner. Lets all do what we can to mention it in at least one game we play on line, one time. Something along the lines of "This game kicks so much more ass with Riva Tuner, I know I'm getting the most out of my card." Seriously, if Unwinder can take the free time to do all of this, the least all of us can do is give a 1 liner out here and thier to promote this great utility!
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Default 02-22-2009, 11:09 | posts: 4,642 | Location: Dublin, Ireland

Wow, 10 million downloads! Tbh it doesn't surprise me, I've used RT snce a really early version I used to OC my rivaTNT 64!

Great work Unwinder, hope I get to see 20 millions d/l's, and test further beta versions.

Most people don't realize; without you work and effort, there would be little or no GPU overcocking today.
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Default 02-22-2009, 11:20 | posts: 295 | Location: Macedonia

There are no words for your work, many many thanks for you Unwinder.

***1073;***1083;***1072;***1075;***1086;***1076;***1072;***1088;***1085;***1086;***1089;***1090;***1100;, ***1073;***1083;***1072;***1075;***1086;***1076;***1072;***1088;***1085;***1086;***1089;***1090;***1100;, ***1073;***1083;***1072;***1075;***1086;***1076;***1072;***1088;***1085;***1086;***1089;***1090;***1100; ***1076;***1083;***1103; ***1090;***1099; , ***1080;***1079; ***1084;***1077;***1085;***1103; ( i hope the dictionaty was ok ) ***1080; ***1084;***1086;***1081; ***1076;***1077;***1088;***1077;***1074;***1077;***1085;***1089;***1082;***1080;***1081; ***1052;***1072;***1082;***1077;***1076;***1086;***1085;***1080;***1112;***1072;
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Videocard: xfx 8800 gtx xxx
Processor: q6600
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Default 02-22-2009, 11:25 | posts: 8

You are the man .........i mean it YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!! without this app i wouldn't even be born!!!!!

thanks for all your hard work

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Maha Guru
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Default 02-22-2009, 11:55 | posts: 1,459 | Location: Brisbane, Australia

that is some milestone...

big congrats
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Default 02-22-2009, 11:59 | posts: 6,553 | Location: Galactic Sector QQ7 Active J Gamma

Unwinder, you must be extremely proud. you are a remarkable man for making such a useful utility and letting people use it for free.
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