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Need help calibrating Colors on a new Vizio 2016 4K 50" UHD TV for Games and Movies.
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Default Need help calibrating Colors on a new Vizio 2016 4K 50" UHD TV for Games and Movies. - 06-20-2016, 19:16 | posts: 7,813 | Location: In Paradise :)

I just received a fathers day gift from my wife ( Thank God i have a great Wife , she is the best ) , the new 4K UHD TV i received it is not the most expensive one rather on the contrary , it is one of the best 4K budget friendly displays. It is a Vizio D-Series 50" 4K Ultra HD , Model D50u-D1. , my wife bought it based on reccomendations she found on the net while looking for a 4K 60Hz display with very low input lag for gaming ( this display has very low input lag of 13.5 wish makes it a perfect display for gaming. )

Some reviews:

This is what the box says: ( pictures below )

The main purpose for this 4K display will be for games ( mostly racing games example: Need For Speed 2016 , DiRT Rally etc... since it can do 4K at 60Hz ) , followed by watching Blu Ray Movies and 4K content streaming on netflix , Amazon instant video , Ultrafix etc...

I am a total newbie when it comes to displays and the overwhelming options to get the best color accuracy that i can get out of displays :/ , since this is my first 4K display i have spent hours upon hours googling the net for the best options and or free software tools to correctly calibrate color accuracy on this display , as i said the information is so overwhelming that my brain just shuts down and i get somewhat frustrated with the outcome of my trials and errors while trying new settings and trying to correct and calibrate the display in 2 different profiles ( Gaming profile # 1 using it in my PC for gaming only , Movies and 4K Ultra HD content profile # 2 to be used within the native Smart TV OS appointments and not to be used via my PC ).

I have just sold my Nvidia 980Ti locally for a great price ( before it losses it's value further ) because it could not keep up with the 4K resolution at 60+ fps for smooth game play experience :/ . I will upgrade again in 2017 when AMD big Vega and Nvidia big Pascal video cards are out because i'm confident a single card option 4K 60+ fps with all options in game maxed out and all the bells and whistles turned on will be out then ( Nvidia 980Ti was close but failed short in horsepower ). Since i wont do SLI or CF ever again for obvious reasons i will only use a single video card. Meanwhile i downgraded my VGA and i'm now using an AMD 290X to play games at 1080p while i patiently wait :/ ( ) for the single video card option to be able to play games at 4K 60 fps.

What i have done so far:

For my Profile # 2 Movies , BR , 4K streaming and 4K content:

I have tried a whole bunch of 4K videos and different kind of 4k pictures meant to help calibrate the accuracy of colors. I end it up frustrated this way . Then i tried this custom profile done on one of the reviews for this exact display model while that custom profile did help a lot i feel that there is somewhat brightness problem , this one profile it's good for 4K movies and content ( somewhat ) , i still feel that there is something missing or that i can still get a better picture , hence i need help or guidance.

For my Profile # 1 Gaming on my PC:

I have tried the provided Gaming profile that comes pre-loaded on the picture settings and lowered the brightness and Gamma a little , that helped a lot but i still missing some more tweaking to get better color accuracy.

What i need help and/or guidance:

Is there some kind of free software , program that can help me further improved my color accuracy ? Is there's a way to get it 100% perfect picture ? Can it be tweaked further or is it as good as it gets using the custom profile provided on that review ?.

I sit about 8-10 feet right in front of this 50" 4K display , also this is in my gaming room ( man cave ) wish is 16 feet by 20 feet large fully AC room and it has a small glass window that let pass some light during the day and it's completely dark by night if that information is helpful.

Thank you in advanced
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Default 09-21-2016, 21:09 | posts: 1,144 | Location: USA

Well i know this post is a few months old now, but as you mentioned yourself, it is a budget minded display so color accuracy isnt going to be phenomenal. However you should still be able to get it to acceptable levels. IMO most review site settings have the brightness turned down way to far, plus every display is different, so use the rtings calibration settings as a baseline if you want, and try just turn up the brightness. Some of the older disney movies or thx certified movies have a generic calibration tool on them under extras, even the xbox one has its own generic color calibration setup you could use. As far as color correction using your pc, the screen does not support 4:4:4 so youll never have perfect clarity, but make sure youre using hdmi5 as your input as it has the lowest latency. Your control panel for your graphics card will give you quite a bit of options for adjusting the color and im sure you could probably find a piece of software on the interwebs.
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Default 12-13-2016, 07:44 | posts: 18

I would like to know which calibration settings you are using as well would this help on my end I am using the LG OLED.
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Default 12-21-2016, 17:25 | posts: 276

Check out i1display-pro combined with CalMAN Control software you will get night and day difference compared to Factory settings or the ones posted on rtings site. Plus you get to calibrate the TV under game mode for better color accuracy which non of these sites talk about. On the down side It costs money but for me It's totally worth It.
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Default 12-21-2016, 17:44 | posts: 1,222 | Location: New Hampsha'

For a more 'eye witness' method of getting accurate colors, I like to use Chopped on Food Network. Their lighting seems more natural than most any other show I can think of.
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Videocard: GTX1080Ti @ 2126/6156 H2O
Processor: Ryzen 1700x @ 4102Mhz H2O
Mainboard: Asus CH VI Hero x370 AM4
Memory: DDR4-16GB @ 3555Mhz
Soundcard: X-Fi Titanium HD
PSU: eVGA Supernova G2-1300w
Default 12-22-2016, 16:42 | posts: 7,813 | Location: In Paradise :)

Thank you guys for all the suggestions and trying to help. The 4K TV has been professionally calibrated by a technician , now everything looks superb.
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