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Videocards - AMD Radeon Catalyst Drivers Section In this section you can discuss everything AMD Catalyst related. Catalyst drivers are for all AMD based graphics cards and APUs.

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Originally Posted by Ho3n3r View Post
I am the original poster of this thread, and I have every right to remain subscribed to it, in case somebody posted any new relevant information to it.

So it's not necessary for others to comment in here and start a new discussion in my thread about something totally irrelevant, giving me email alerts.

Nothing is stopping them creating their own threads outside of mine.
Did a couple of Email alerts bother you this much ...?
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Originally Posted by yasamoka View Post
Did a couple of Email alerts bother you this much ...?
If you understand how forums are supposed to work, you'd understand why derailment is annoying. Not my problem if you don't.
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A couple of months back for the 400 series GPU's AMD updated VSR to support 5120x2880 (And a 16:10 version of it.) along with updating the refresh rate cap to I think it's something like 100hz instead of the previous 60hz cap for higher VSR/downsampling resolutions.

I'm not sure what files control VSR though a patch some time ago allowed for modifying these restrictions on older GPU models until AMD locked it down further so chances are the hardware could handle it but something in the display driver is capping things depending on the users GPU.

VSR could do with some tweaking in general though from allowing a higher resolution or allowing easier adding of custom resolutions but I don't think AMD has done much with it in a while besides these tweaks for the 400 (And also the recent 500) series of GPU's, 21:9 community is still wondering if they'll ever get VSR support from last I checked.

That driver adjustment does show that it can be done at least but whether it can be done by the end user is another question and if it's down to hardware or not is also a unknown though if AMD could up both the refresh rate and max resolution cap for the Polaris series perhaps it could be but it's being kept locked.

I don't know the Polaris hardware all that well though, AMD is citing some hardware scaler but I don't know though I can see them updating and improving support for "5k" and perhaps eventually also "8k" on newer GPU models.
(Will be interesting to see what the Vega will be capable of once released.)

Guessing it's also down to what the connectivity on the GPU is capable of, HDMI support in particular as Display Port already has some good bandwidth capability on existing AMD models but it's also not something I'm too familiar with myself.

Mostly just speculation and not much of a answer but if AMD can tweak this via drivers that at least shows this can be adjusted so it's something but it doesn't exactly do much for users with older GPU models.
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